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Anyone else tried the new Vidal Sasoon home dye?

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Behooven Fri 19-Jun-15 14:06:28

Quite impressed with mine today

I liked the colour when I used it but it really did not last very long or didn't take well as a week or so later my grey started showing.

Behooven Fri 19-Jun-15 15:20:37

Oh did it! Bugger I was hoping I'd get a few weeks out of it

NinjaBriefs Fri 19-Jun-15 21:11:34

I've used it a couple of times. I've used the Dark Neutral Brown shade and the Darkest Brown. What I liked about it was that both times, they came out just that, dark browns and not blacks, like many other home hair dyes can. Also, because you apply it to the roots first (I suppose you pay extra attention to this part as you are following the instructions) I achieve better root coverage.

The only let down is exactly what StepAway said, it doesn't last long enough, but in saying that, not many permanent hair colours seem to on my hair!

TheImprobableGirl Fri 19-Jun-15 21:16:49

I'm the lightest cool blonde shade and I think it's brilliant.... Doesn't dry out hair too much, easy to use, even results good conditioner. Have only had positive reactions and went the same colour as expected smile
I don't have greys yet so can't comment on the coverage of those, but I do have pretty dark roots.
My only bugbear is that you have to reuse the gloves after taking them off, so I usually keep another pair handy for the second application.

Behooven Fri 19-Jun-15 21:19:03

I'm really happy with the natural looking colour (dark blonde), it is very accurate as pictured.
I wonder if it would last longer if I left it on for more time

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