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Spray tan vs application tan - which is better?

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NoStannisNo Fri 19-Jun-15 09:50:45

So I am looking at getting a salon fake tan for an upcoming wedding/holiday abroad. I have had a spray tan recently and loved it, it lasted slightly longer than I anticipated, was really quick and only 20 quid.

The salon I got it done at also offers fake bake application tan. It is.double the cost and also takes longer, but you get an exfoliation and they claim it lasts much longer.

So have any of you lovely ladies had both and can recommend which is better? Also, what does the application tan involve? Is it all done stood up in paler knickers? I guess it can't be any more undignified than the spray tan, although I guess it takes.longer! Also, I would be looking at getting a leg/bikini wax the day before, (about 24 hours) would this be ok?


NoStannisNo Fri 19-Jun-15 09:51:35

Paper not paler knickers!

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