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Haircut tonight - ideas of what to ask for, current style far too layered

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Jemster Thu 18-Jun-15 16:41:36

I'm not keen on my hairstyle so am trying a different hairdresser tonight. The last one seemed to love layers & blow drying it with lots of bounce. I have thick slightly wavy hair so it's what it does best.
Not very current though & I think it looks dated & does me no favours.

What could I ask her to do to improve the style? If you have hair like this is it worth trying to get it to do anything else or will I have to accept I will always look like a seventies throwback?!
Going on hols soon too so want it to look nice. Length is all different, longest layers just above shoulder.

SwedishEdith Thu 18-Jun-15 17:51:29

Get it cut shorter? Not short but like this?

WhiteHairReally Thu 18-Jun-15 18:17:46

OP, I could have written your post. My suggesting that I looked like Rick Parfitt was lost on my hairdresser, being too young to get my 'please don't make me look like a 70s rocker'. However, he does seem to have listened and Has cut my hair in a similar way to the PPs suggestion. That's if I BBHair it. It can also look quite 'neat and sleek' with flippy ends, but can't tell you what I did to make it happen. Still have some layers though. Good luck with the haircut.

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