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Cutting all my hair off - WWYD?

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Luckytohavemybaby Thu 18-Jun-15 14:31:43

Okay I think I'm having a mid-life style/skin crisis. HEnce my earlier serum post. Now I've been growing my hair for 18 months after having it cut in a very short bob. When it was mid length it started to look quite good and I debated keeping it that length. However my hairdresser - v good lovely lady - has been taking an inch off every three months. It is now past my shoulders, but the thing is I've still got dry and bleached ends and when my wash-in tint wears out it comes back looking quite yellow/green. It is otherwise in good condition but I did only stop breastfeeding DD (now 2) a couple of months ago and I wonder if my hair needs to be detoxed. Do I just bob it again, as long as I can tie it back it doesn't matter or go really short. I want longer hair but I want it a)my own colour b) in good condition. I'm 45 in 3 weeks and my hair appointment is a week on Friday.

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