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Non 'clip in' Chunky fringe solutions.

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SlightlyJaded Thu 18-Jun-15 13:15:52

I am after an Alexa Chung type haircut. Mostly her fringe

perfect fringe

I have lots of pretty thick hair but the front is definitely finer and there is less of it. In the past I have had hairdressers cut it layered, blocked, from further back, to the left, to the right and to the centre, but I've never got the 'chunk' I aspire to.

Soooo I am thinking something like extensions, hair piece, weave - just to thicken sides of fringe. I'd like something that looks real and that washes with my own hair. I can't be arsed with a clip in and am fairly sure I couldn't do it properly day to day.

I am 42 and not very 'extensiony' - I have never gone down this route and have no idea what to ask for. Or also where to go? I am near Richmond/West London so West/South West/Central London or Surrey are all options if anyone can recommend (assuming my lovely local hairdresser can't do it).

Any advice suggestions gratefully received!

SlightlyJaded Thu 18-Jun-15 15:56:55

hopeful bump

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