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Shirts with large armholes?

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Beagadorsrock Thu 18-Jun-15 11:24:06

I wonder if people can help me. I'm between 14 and 16 size, bra size variable due to pregnancy/breastfeeding (anything between 34GG as measured in a shop to 40D as occasionally more comfortable!). I am not sporty at the moment (understatement of the year!) but I did use to work out so my arms and shoulders are not skeletal, although they are not particularly flabby either.

I would like to have a few more nice crisp, vaguely fitted cotton/stretch white work-type shirts than I do but often find that even in size L the armholes and top of the sleeves are stupidly tight, to the point that I find myself in tears (may be hormones!). Larger sizes, of course, end up looking like muumuus...

Does anyone know which high street shop to try for shirts that would fit?

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