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Panicking about interview outfit

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aliciagardner Thu 18-Jun-15 10:39:08

I have an interview on Monday - corporate, fairly senior role. I thought that I had the outfit sorted but am now panicking that it's not smart enough because it's not a traditional 'suit'. I would usually wear a dress and jacket to business meetings, or trousers, smart top and jacket. I'm not a full suit kind of person.

I have this dress and this jacket but in emerald green

With heels and tights it looks really nice and smart and I would wear to a client meeting with confidence; but I'm panicking now and wondering whether I should play it safe for an interview? Black trousers, a top and the same jacket with heels? Or buy a suit dress (if so, ideas please! Just spent ages trawling house of Fraser and found nothing suitable. Am 14/16, big boobs and tummy. Wrap dresses emphasise my tummy in a bad way - needs to skim that area!). If I'm going to buy something I need to do it today so that I can click and collect on Saturday.

Saurus72 Thu 18-Jun-15 10:46:48

I recently had the same dilemma as I was interviewing at an American company (UK based though), with an Amerucan interviewer. I played it safe with a black suit, taupe silk shell top and taupe handbag, and was glad I did (got the job).

Honestly, I would opt for a suit to give yourself the best chance of getting the job. It is ridiculous, as your dress and jacket is perfectly smart, but it so depends on who you get on the interview panel. Your dress may be perceived as 'frivolous' compared to other people who show up in sober suits.

SerendipityDooDah Thu 18-Jun-15 10:50:00

I think a dress and jacket is fine, but I agree that you might want to play it a bit safer for an interview, if for no other reason than if you are worried about how you look it will affect your overall confidence. The jacket is really nice, but I think the pattern on the dress makes it a bit casual. Maybe a solid colour dress? Navy would probably work well with green, as would black. Will have a bit of a look around for ideas.

NomiMalone Thu 18-Jun-15 10:50:47

I think you should wear the dress and jacket.

They're smart, stylish and appropriate and are a refreshing change from a boring black/grey suit.

Twinklestar2 Thu 18-Jun-15 10:57:12

I'd play it safe and wear a suit.

SerendipityDooDah Thu 18-Jun-15 11:00:07

How about this

or this

Bit pricier but lovely

yakari Thu 18-Jun-15 11:07:51

Sorry I would go plainer - dress and jacket fine if say dress is a block colour and jacket is black. Or a black dress under your emerald jacket, the John Lewis one posted above would work really well.

aliciagardner Thu 18-Jun-15 11:16:11

Thanks all. It's 50/50 on dress vs. suit then. Nomi - that's what I always think, nice to be refreshingly different - but now a little voice is saying 'but what if....' (exactly what sauras and serendipity say).

Hmmmm. Maybe I should get something else lined up just in case. What about this? What colour with an emerald green jacket?.

Like all of those serendipity, thank you! I don't have a banana republic or John Lewis near but I do like them both. The one I suggested is quite similar, what do you think?

aliciagardner Thu 18-Jun-15 11:34:26

Have ordered the dress I linked to a few mins ago in black. Will wear that with the emerald jacket for a bit of colour. If all else fails, I'll have to go with the original dress but hopefully the new one will fit well.

Thanks all, you really helped!

SerendipityDooDah Thu 18-Jun-15 11:40:28

That looks great. As for colour, it's hard to tell how the blue will look in person -- if it's too royal blue it could look a bit funny with the green. I'd go for black and let the emerald green be the pop of colour. Will still tick the box of being refreshingly different but still perfectly corporate appropriate. Best of luck with the interview!

SerendipityDooDah Thu 18-Jun-15 11:41:16

Oops -- cross post. Well chosen!

NeitherHereOrThere Thu 18-Jun-15 11:43:16

Agree that the original dress is far too casual for this role. A plain dress with the green jacket should be perfect.

aliciagardner Thu 18-Jun-15 11:47:15

Thanks serendipity. Great minds smile

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