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Style help PLEASE!

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jewelsandbinoculars Thu 18-Jun-15 10:33:03

Hi all

I had a baby (DC no.2) a month ago.

I am 5'8'' and when not pregnant tend to weigh around 10 to 10.5 stone (size 12 ish). I am currently 12 stone (I ate a LOT of lindor in pregnancy), with a pot belly and a pair of droopy 36G's. I reckon I am at least a 16, possibly even an 18. I expect the extra weight to very slowly ease off with breastfeeding and marginally improved lindor-control, but I need help in the interim and (tbh) in any case. My problem isn't really that of a once-stylish woman struggling with post-baby weight/negatively impacted body image, it is of someone who has never had style!

None of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit me, but they are all totally uninspirational anyway. I have never had much confidence in how I dress and tend to buy clothes cheaply, and without joy. I am big of foot (UK 8) as well as nork, and historically have also struggled to find practical, comfortable shoes (I walk a lot and am never going to be a big wearer of heels) that 'go' with clothes and are not fugly. My drawers are full of drab/'safe' offerings from primark and the like. I'm not skint, and I think psychologically it would be good for me to spend a little more on some better quality clothes that actually make me feel good - although equally I don't want to break the bank on clothes that will (I hope!) be too big for me next year.

So...what I think I need is a capsule wardrobe/couple of outfits (that I can breastfeed in - am EBF) that will be flattering on me as my body is now, and will see me through the next six months (summer through autumn).

Colour wise I've short dark hair (albeit greying), and am white but tan easily. Hazel eyes.

Can anyone out there help me? Please?! Ideally with links and idiot-proof instructions as to what they think I need to buy from where, and what I should put with what to make an outfit! I am clueless, and would be ridiculously grateful for any pointers.

Sorry for the essay. Thanks in advance to anyone who reads this far, let alone responds!

wifeofdoom Thu 18-Jun-15 10:40:39

I'm in the same boat but another 2 stone heavier (Lindor and Walkers...). Just bought the Chloe dress from pepperberry which is ideal for feeding once a cut made in underlayer. £55 though. It comes up bigger (luckily) so you might want a 16. I also have navy m&s jeggingsv(from eBay but new for about £12 I think) and 2 Boden Breton tops. And one pair of long smartish denim shorts from eBay. I don't look great but at least I'm not in my maternity joggers and dh t shirts this week. Hope this helps - I don't know how to do links though sorry!

wifeofdoom Thu 18-Jun-15 10:41:48

jewelsandbinoculars Thu 18-Jun-15 21:48:14

Many thanks wife. Off to check out your suggestions.

Kennington Thu 18-Jun-15 21:51:45

You have similar colouring to me but I would suggest uniqlo and they have cool elastic waisted jeans and loose Bretons

I found their slip vests useful for maintaining dignity while breastfeeding
M and s is amazing for comfy cool shoes but you have to sift through a lot of crap

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