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Wtf has happened to Toast

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OnlyHereForTheCamping Thu 18-Jun-15 08:18:00

It was always a tad tortured Edwardian lesbian but it has tipped into ridiculous sackcloth. It is like Margaret Atwood was asked to design clothes for her latest nightmarish envisaging of a dystopian patriarchal future.

CheeseBored Thu 18-Jun-15 08:21:14

Examples please

OnlyHereForTheCamping Thu 18-Jun-15 08:26:37
They are worse in the flesh

OnlyHereForTheCamping Thu 18-Jun-15 08:29:31

this dress is worn by the chosen concubine for her fertility rites

ZeroFunDame Thu 18-Jun-15 08:38:32

So what you're saying is that Toast is part of the true avant garde?

Post-Singularity clothes for when we all have to move to the Faroe Islands to live lives of joyful self-sufficiency ...

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Thu 18-Jun-15 08:40:45

It always looked like that

TheWiseOldElf Thu 18-Jun-15 08:44:34

I don't get Toast. The website seems deliberately designed to make the clothes looks dreadful yet I frequently admire things on other people that turn out to be from there. Also it seems to be totally ageless. My DM (mid 50s) has lots from there that she looks great in. My cousin (early 20s) ditto. Also see lots of stylish older ladies shopping in there. I think it might be a cult!

ZeroFunDame Thu 18-Jun-15 08:54:08

Also it seems to be totally ageless.

Confirming it is preparing us for the future.

All those tortured Edwardians (and there will either be only one sex or too many to name) will be the rulers of the land.

OnlyHereForTheCamping Thu 18-Jun-15 08:56:43

You got it zerofundame. I shall don my beige sack and go live with tilda Swinton

BikeRunSki Thu 18-Jun-15 09:05:38

I have started buying quite a few bits from a Toast. I agree about the "Tilda Swinton" look to some extent, but I have some very nice, simple and well made jeans, A line summer skirts, Jersey tops and I am wearing this dress to death at the moment.

It's all well made, natural fibres, washes and wears well and the cut seems to suit me. Only the sale prices suit my pocket, and only just!

Luckystar1 Thu 18-Jun-15 09:24:14

Bike what shape are you? I have just been through the look book and some of the stuff is really lovely, but sadly I'm not model material. I'm 5ft 5, size 6 but I've got bigger hips and thighs and fairly short legs... I'm not sure it would suit me?

Greengardenpixie Thu 18-Jun-15 09:44:26

I have a few things from there.
A beautiful linen tunic in indigo blue. It is gorgeous. I have a few maxi dresses. Think toast has always been like this. You just need to choose selectively and for your body shape.

ggirl Thu 18-Jun-15 09:48:58

They seem to have improved their photography of the clothes, not long ago the photo of model with a dress on would be a dark picture taken at midnight of said model looking out of a cave with the shoulder of the dress showing only ..madness

Laquila Thu 18-Jun-15 09:57:05

Hah, love your OP!! Completely agree. What always annoys me is the lengths they go to to appear studiedly casual in the text next to each item - I don't get the catalogue any more but it always used to say things like "Softest blue corduroy shirt, to be worn open or closed...we don't care. Wear it however you like, it's totally your call. That's the genius of this shirt. Don't thank us."

I exaggerate slightly but you get the idea. I once had a couple of successful cardis from there, years ago, but other than that it's just an exercise in coveting the crockery and wishing I was one of the aforementioned self-sufficient Edwardian academics.

niminypiminy Thu 18-Jun-15 09:59:26

I heart Tilda Swinton (though will never have that Nordic goddess look, sadly).

I think Toast is having a better season that for some time. Coveting quite a lot, including this dress in yellow, but funds won't stretch alas.

PrimalLass Thu 18-Jun-15 10:05:26

It has always been awful. Expensive awful.

OnlyLovers Thu 18-Jun-15 10:08:01

My main problem with Toast is that even when I order the smallest sizes, when they arrive I wonder if the post has got mixed up and they've sent me someone else's yurt by mistake.

This is NOT a stealth boast; I love some of the clothes but genuinely would like to be able to wear them rather than feeling like I'd have to pitch them and camp.

ZeroFunDame Thu 18-Jun-15 10:19:19

It's true you have to love your post office if you order much online.

I've bought precisely one vest for myself in about three years - and am personally affronted by straight up and down, scoop necked, short sleeved tunics - but I do find most of the stuff delightfully problematic, like Cos at its best. You can try on a million staggeringly awful things and then find one item that you'll wear almost every day for the next five years.

OnlyLovers Thu 18-Jun-15 10:25:29

Yes, Cos is bewildering. I've spent hours and hours practically in tears in their changing rooms, trying on the most unfathomable things, but I have ONE dress that I've had five years and it's my Number One 'if in doubt' dress.

OnlyHereForTheCamping Thu 18-Jun-15 10:45:31

It used to be a lot more practical, admittedly you had to wade through a catalogue full of images of women on the verge of tears in a fairground/ gypsy camp,/abandoned scottish Island.

Melonfool Thu 18-Jun-15 10:51:01

Always liked the idea of it (marketing - like the idea of lounging around on beaches surrounded by antique crockery) but the reality never seems to work.

My shape is too curvy for all those bags.

And what the heck is this:

Shirt dress??

Eastpoint Thu 18-Jun-15 10:57:47

I think Toast works for wide flat shapes - broad shoulders & small breasts. Melonfool that dress makes the model look so broad from behind I don't want to know what it would look like on a shorter fatter older woman.

niminypiminy Thu 18-Jun-15 11:03:37

Yes that's really horrible. I thought you were going to link to this, which I rather love, but is what Tilda would wear if she turned into a scientist and went to work in a lab.

OnlyHereForTheCamping Thu 18-Jun-15 11:07:40

Tilda would hold mankind hostage in that shirt. She would discover evil serum which turns everyone who comes into contact with it into introspective performance artists

niminypiminy Thu 18-Jun-15 11:20:17

And this would be bad? grin

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