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Please can anyone help me find another one of these phone cases ?? Please?

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WellWoman Wed 17-Jun-15 22:51:22

Here's my tale of woe - Last Christmas my two DC gave me a lovely mobile phone cover from & other stories. It was a thing of beauty and I was very proud of it. Now, to my shame, I have lost it, have turned the house upside down trying to find it and the shop no longer sells them so I don't know if I can replace it.

I haven't told the DC yet. I loved it, and don't want them to know I've lost it if that can be avoided.

Have searched internet - ebay etc and not found another one. I found an image of it on &other stories EU website as out of stock.

Sorry if the link isn't quite right.

Mine wasn't the burgundy, it was the colour they call "oily" - a sort of irridescent bright blue-green. It's leather, made to look like snakeskin and is the sort of cover you slide your phone in to.

Please MNers - can anyone unearth one? It would mean a lot to me to replace it.
If anyone has one they would sell me I would be very very grateful.

Have to go to bed now, but will be around to answer any questions tomorrow morning.

Fingers crossed…..

WellWoman Thu 18-Jun-15 07:09:56


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