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Bra interventionists - help needed!

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Stevie77 Wed 17-Jun-15 20:59:21

So I've done the measuring (31" underbust, 37" bust) and have gone trying.

Been to John Lewis and tried their own balcony bra, two different Elle Macpherson balcony bras and a Curvy Kate. The band at both 30 and 32 feels good, I am probably ok with 30. But the cups, oh dear. They are just too big! I've tried 30e and 32dd - where have I gone wrong and where do I go from here?

I definitely need a balcony style because my breasts at the top are pretty flat (things they don't tell you about pregnancy and breastfeeding) but I need to do this online from now on as the sizes available were pretty poor in store.

poppym12 Wed 17-Jun-15 23:21:40

have you scooped everything into the cups? it would be a good idea to try some different styles and sizes around 30dd upwards as different shaped cups seem to vary with how they fit. have you tried push up styles rather than balcony? i find that they give a good shape to my less than full boobs.

also, have you leant forward and taken that measurement too?

i tried ordering online but ended up sending so many back i just went to a bravissimo and a debenhams and tried some millions on.

Pantsalive Thu 18-Jun-15 00:06:51

It might be worth trying another couple of Curvy Kate. I sound a very similar shape to you and I have this one which fits very well.

Stevie77 Thu 18-Jun-15 11:23:57

That's the Curvy Kate I tried Pants, but all they had was a 30e.

I have scooped and bent forward when measured but I understand it's not exact science.

Pantsalive Thu 18-Jun-15 12:51:55

I also have this one which seems very similar in style. They've only got a 32dd on Brastop but someone else might have the 30e.

Have you tried the trick of trying it on back to front so you can check if the strap fits withiut being distracted by cup size?

Stevie77 Thu 18-Jun-15 15:37:56

The band felt right, it's tight but not painful. I'm planning on going to Bravissimo tomorrow so hopefully I'll find something there!

Pantsalive Thu 18-Jun-15 20:05:51

I'm sure they'll find something for you.

I have a v good skin coloured bra from there which I think is Panache and slightly less balconette than I usually wear but gives a great shape.

Stevie77 Sat 27-Jun-15 09:04:38

So I have been to Bravissimo and the girl said straight away that she would put me at 32C and because of that none of their bras would fit me. She actually let me try on a couple of 32D to confirm and indeed the cups were too big. I did ask about a smaller back size and D cup but 30 back was very tight, too tight.

The girl advised me to go to Boux Avenue as they do smaller backs. I did, but after spending over an hour there I am definitely not a 32C. Not there anyway. I could only find one bra that fit, the pansy balconette. I was not too impressed with their bras so left it. So now I'm back to square one and no idea where next to go and what bras to look for...

Stevie77 Sat 27-Jun-15 16:40:18


SorrelForbes Sat 27-Jun-15 18:00:21

Even though some people need bras that are smaller/larger than their measurements would suggest, I really doubt that you are a 32C and I'm not surprised that you realised that in Boux Avenue.

Do you know which bras you tried on in Bravissimo? It sound like you need something that is fairly shallow and suits bottom heavy breasts.

That seems odd to me. Bravissimo do stock 30s. And from what you've said it sounds to me as a 30d or perhaps dd could work in the right style. It feels to me as trying on some other bras in a 30 would be a good idea. Perhaps Panache or Freya styles just to see how they fit? I'm surprised that Bravissimo didn't suggest that as I would have thought they would stock a 30d upwards.

Stevie77 Sat 27-Jun-15 19:26:28

The bras in Boux Avenue I tried on were all 32D (well, after the first 32C was clearly far too small), the assistant also thought I was a 32D. She actually was very good and seemed to know what she was on about but disappeared after a while.

Not sure what two bras they let me try on in Bravissimo were. One was a plunge and the other maybe a balconette. I didn't pay much attention as the assistant was adamant I was a C cup and since they only do D cup and up nothing would fit. I was quite surprised TBH, that they'd turn business away and not try different bras and shapes first. I made a special effort going there too, with plenty of time to spend there and no nagging kids!

I've a Debenhams nearby, do they stock Panache/Freya? Sorrel, I think you're right in that this is the sort of bra shape I need. After breastfeeding two kids I just don't have much volume anymoresad

Stevie77 Sat 27-Jun-15 19:27:24

Maybe I'll try to go back to Bravissimo this week. It's not very near but maybe a different assistant will be more helpful...

SorrelForbes Sun 28-Jun-15 23:22:30

Yes, some Debenhams stock Freya and Panache. Their own brand is worth trying too.

Stevie77 Mon 29-Jun-15 16:44:45

Thanks Sorrel! The search continues...

Stevie77 Wed 01-Jul-15 16:42:33

Well, a fruitless morning in Debenhams.

I tried on Freya Faye, Rio and Gem (that's all they had that was remotely suitable) and umpteen others; Jasper Conran of which one was oh so close to fit well, Janet Reger, Debenhams' own. Curvy Kate and Fantasie were all the wrong shapes for me. I'm definitely a 32D and not a C cup so am going to go back to Bravissimo and ask to see someone else this time.

On a more positive note, I found a nice pair of cropped work trousers in H&M for £20!

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