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3d lash Younique thing

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Pigleychez Tue 16-Jun-15 17:29:05

My FB page has become flooded of people selling and buying this mascara.

Anyone tried it? Is it as good as people make out? Looks alittle spidery to me confused

NomiMalone Tue 16-Jun-15 17:31:28

Don't drink the kool aid!!!

It's horrible stuff that gives you tarantula lashes and only 4 of them because your actual lashes all clump together.

Earthbound Tue 16-Jun-15 17:32:35

Ah Younique. It has come up on my FB feed too. I like to think of it as 'the clockwork orange look'. Will I be buying any? Decidedly not. Can't think why anyone would TBH.

tubbytimmy Tue 16-Jun-15 17:35:54

I have it and haven't ended up with spider leg lashes takes a little practice.

NomiMalone Tue 16-Jun-15 17:37:32

But why bother tubby?

There are plenty of fab regular mascaras out there that do a better job. I'm a makep artist and acan categorically say I've never seen it look good on anyone.

BitOfFun Tue 16-Jun-15 17:44:22

What budget mascara would you recommend, Nomi?

CookPassBabtrigde Tue 16-Jun-15 17:44:31

I've got some and I like it. It's gives you a little extra length than you get from normal mascaras, they don't look fake or clumpy, and it works best if you don't put too much on. One coat does the trick, more than that and it'll go clumpy and look shit (same with most mascara to be fair - if you put loads of layers on they clump)

NomiMalone Tue 16-Jun-15 17:49:36

My favourites:

Max Factor Masterpiece Max and 2000 Calories

L'oreal Voluminous

Maybelline Volume Express The Colossal

And I'll let you in on a wee secret. The Boots Natural Collection mascara is amazing and costs about 12p.

hettiebaby Tue 16-Jun-15 17:54:44

I've got some and I love it!! As long as it's done properly and you don't put too much on they look great! I'm currently looking for another person that supplies them as my Younique person on fb has suddenly disappeared....but yeah would definitely recommend!

GingerFoxInAT0phat Tue 16-Jun-15 18:02:39

I have some and use it sporadically, it can look great when done properly but I prefer my Dior show for everyday mascara.

Hettiebaby, my friend sells her own branded UK safety tested fibre mascara for I think £15. Her Facebook page is called iLash 3D and she will post too, if that's any help.

hettiebaby Tue 16-Jun-15 18:05:19

Oooh thanks! Il check it out.

BitOfFun Tue 16-Jun-15 18:06:07

Thanks Nomi grin

tubbytimmy Tue 16-Jun-15 23:24:24

I use it for the thickness rather than length. Plenty of other mascaras give me length but not the volume.

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