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Ultasun help please

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hooliodancer Mon 15-Jun-15 17:50:58

I want to use Ultrasun on holiday this year, but I can't work out if it is moisturizing or not. When I get out of the sea I often feel my skin is really dry, so I reapply sun cream as much for the moisture.

I wonder if I could rumba cheap body lotion over the top of the ultra sun after a swim.

The reason I want to use the ultrasun is we are going with only hand luggage, and last year the usual sun cream was really expensive in boots, there were no offers on and I really resented paying double what I would have paid in the Boots in town!

I am just wondering if putting moisturizer over the top will reduce the efficacy of the ultra sun?

Incidentally, using the face version last year changed my holiday life! I have always had stinging eyes from the facial sunblock I use running into them after swimming, but not with Ultrasun, it was fab.

hooliodancer Mon 15-Jun-15 17:52:25

I could rumba the body lotion in I suppose. Or I could just rub it in like a normal person...

ohmymimi Mon 15-Jun-15 18:13:48

You can moisturise over Ultrasun without reducing it's stength, but I find the lotions are quite moisturising. (The clear sport gel isn't, so void that). I remember the advice from the QVC Ultrasun rep. was just to apply Ultrasun to clean skin, then to allow it to fully absorb before applying other lotions/make up. Not sure whether rumba-ing has any effect, but it'll entertain your fellow sun worshippers:-)

ohmymimi Mon 15-Jun-15 18:15:28

void = avoid!

iwantgin Mon 15-Jun-15 18:27:08

Yes, as ohmymimi says. The Ultrasun goes on first thing inthe morning - on clean, dry skin. Leave it for 10 mins or so, and it absorbs into the skin. YOu can then moisturise on top if necessary.

As stated there are a couple of different formulations - the sport gel may feel to dry your skin more - but the higher factor is more creamy iirc.

Your skin may feel dry after swimming perhaps due to the chlorine/saltwater? Try showering it off - some beaches and most pool areas have a cold shower to rinse.

The Ultrasun website is very helpful - and you can follow on twitter to ask questions. I have done before now.

Some flights on board shopping have excellent deals on Ultrasun too. Thomson did last month, and in years gone by I have purchased on board Jet2 flights - so have a look at their onboard magazine. (of course it could be that they are out of stock, so you wouldn't want to be without, but it's a good way to stock up very cheaply!).

hooliodancer Mon 15-Jun-15 18:55:55

Thanks, that's great to know! Even at places where there is a shower I still feel a dry feeling, like a nails on a blackboard type thing. No shower on the beach where we are going though!

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