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Is Aveda hair colour significantly less harsh on your hair than other highlights? What salon do you recommend in London?

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UnhappyBunnie Mon 15-Jun-15 15:29:12

I have tried to stick to Aveda the last few years for getting my highlights done, in hopes its less rough on my hair. Not sure though if it makes much difference?

REALLY need to get my hair done this week and not sure where to go, where would you go if it was you?

Thanks smile

magichandles Mon 15-Jun-15 16:36:50

Anywhere easier to get to? I used to go to the big Aveda salon in Covent Garden, but stopped because it was pointlessly expensive, and I got messed around loads with rearranged appointments and rarely saw the same hairdresser twice.

I've been going to Willie Smarts in Clapham Common for the last 7 years now and would really recommend it, it's a bit scruffy round the edges, but the colourists and cuts are good. They have a branch in Crystal Palace as well, but I've not been there.

Luckytohavemybaby Mon 15-Jun-15 21:22:57

I've had both Aveda and normal highlights - I think Aveda include lots of extra plant extracts - but to lighten your hair you need serious chemicals, Aveda or not. I always found my highlights were always more reddish with Aveda (I'm mid brown) but when I switched to Toni & Guy (they use L'Oreal I think) I got the caramel blonde tone I wanted.

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