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Is it possible to find all my requirements in one swimsuit? I need help.

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birkiekid Sun 14-Jun-15 16:07:46

I like this style of swimsuit. It looks like a tankini but is actually a one piece with tummy control. I like having the looser layer on top as my tummy is my main problem area.

I have one like this already but it has zero boob support. I took the kids swimming this weekend and couldn't relax fully as I was terrified of a wardrobe malfunction. I do not want to flash the entire pool.

I really need swim wear that does bra sizing and offers good support.

I am a 38FF and wear a size 18.

Am I looking for the impossible?


lizandlulu Sun 14-Jun-15 16:37:25

Try ample bosom, I'm pretty sure they do cup sized swimwear

PrimalLass Sun 14-Jun-15 18:00:37

Valsoldknickers Sun 14-Jun-15 18:02:54

House of Fraser have some underwire cup (with bra size) one pieces on sale. I am delighted with mine and they were half price!

cnforthis Sun 14-Jun-15 19:25:23

Have you looked on ?

Itscurtainsforyou Sun 14-Jun-15 20:55:36

Thanks to a recommendation on here, I have a tankini from elomi which has a swim bra, bikini bottoms and tankini top - no chance of a wardrobe malfunction there!

LikeASoulWithoutAMind Sun 14-Jun-15 21:17:33

Have you looked at Bravissimo OP?

birkiekid Sun 14-Jun-15 22:35:52

Thanks for all the great recommendations. There is more choice out there than I thought.

The Elomi Swim Bra is a great idea. I'm sure it would even work with some things I have already! I love the look of the high waist bottoms and tankini tops too. I deliberately avoided tankinis because I don't like a gap between bottom and top which wouldn't be a problem with those.

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