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No time for a professional me, please?

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QueefOfTheSporned Sun 14-Jun-15 10:48:45

I'm going on holiday tomorrow. My feet are more akin to hooves at the minute. What can I do quickly and cheaply to make them more presentable? I'll be able to go to Boots later.

JoyceDivision Sun 14-Jun-15 20:51:41

I just get the foot scourer end of the pedicure paddle thingy, give heels / side of big toes a really really good crub, I have a big towel out and have loads of dead skinto throw away! The get some socks that aren't too toght, slather loooooaaads of cream 9I just use arich hand cream on heels and soles of feet, leave socks on over night.

I did this wed night and my feel looked fab thurs. You just will have arm ache as you needtpo spend a while giving the rough skin a good long scrub!

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