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Hair extensions disaster - any experts out there?

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LuckyAugust Sun 14-Jun-15 09:54:47

So after spending a lot of time thinking about it I got hair extensions fitted last week. Why oh why oh why did I do it!!!angry . My own hair is short and doesn't blend in great with whats there and already the glue seems to be splitting on some of the extensions. Is there any glue I can buy and use myself to reseal them? I've got dark hair and have spotted a black glue on ebay thats really cheap but don't know what to do. I can't afford to get her out potentially every week to check and reglue the bonds. I'd just get them taken out but she's already been back out once to try and blend my hair in more and I suspect what is now left of my own hair is even shorter and very thinned out sad . I've asked her to come out again to put another row in underneath to again try and blend in more (even though it was supposed to be a full head) but once thats done thats it. Just wish I hadn't bothered but now I'm stuck with them for at least 3 months whilst my hair grows. Surely its not normal for the glue to split so early after having them fitted and I bet its going to get worse. Help! I do actually love having long hair but its gonna look like a Pat Sharp 80's style mullet once these bonds start to come away and theres not a chance they'll last 4months+ like she said!

Koalafications Sun 14-Jun-15 10:07:23

They don't sound like they have been fitted very well. The glue shouldn't be splitting! I Had extensions for years and this never happened.

I would not recommend buying glue off eBay and doing it yourself, you could damage your hair even further.

Personally, I would look for someone else and consider getting them to come and have a look at it to see what needs to be done. Can you find someone online who is reputable?

LuckyAugust Sun 14-Jun-15 10:31:16

Thanks for replying- it was a highly recommended extension fitter who did them! She's actually really well known in our town for being 'brilliant'. Just not sure what the hell has gone wrong with mine. I'm waiting for her to get in touch about coming out so will again voice my concerns although she's making me feel like the customer from hell cos I'm the only one who's not happy, who's thought about having them out straightaway etc. In fact part of me wonders if she will actually respond to my latest message......I spent months saving for these so can't afford to now go somewhere else sad .

Nikkinoo77 Sun 14-Jun-15 10:37:37

That is really not acceptable for that to happening at all, even you had have them in a long time.
What brand of extensions are they?
I work in a salon which specialises in hair extensions and I've never seen that happen at all.
I think you're probably best having them taken out and refitted.
How much did you pay?

Marmaladybird Mon 15-Jun-15 07:23:29

I've never had glued in extensions as I worry they'll damage my hair. Unstead I've had them sewn in and therw are no problems at all other than them being a bit tight for a week. could you maybe ask her to swap them over to sewn?

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