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Alternative to Dermablend

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Doza Sun 14-Jun-15 00:19:55

I have an up coming wedding for which I indulged in a lovely dress. All good: except the dress is knee length, the wedding is in August and I have a wonderful collection of spider veins. I really didn't think this throughgrin
I have tried the lightest shade of Sally Hansen and it was too orange on my legs. I've looked at Vichy Dermablend but again the reviews say that the lightest shade isn't very light.
Any alternative suggestions?

NerdyBird Sun 14-Jun-15 00:46:48

mac face and body?

LastGleaming Sun 14-Jun-15 01:12:13

Haven't tried it myself but have been intending to order one of the sample kits of Veil Cover Cream any of these pale enough? I use Dermablend to cover my rosacea and while it's fine for the summer, it's too dark for the winter.

gonegrey56 Sun 14-Jun-15 07:26:36

I also have this problem. Having tried loads of products, I have found that Estee Lauder's Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup for Face and Body is the best. I use shade "11 Very Light". I am very fair skinned, with lovely blue spider veins (weeps...)
Get a sample to check that this works for you, but I am confident that you will
be happy with it!

Doza Sun 14-Jun-15 08:42:32

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try a sample of the double wear and if that's not a fit look at the veil. May need two shades looking at it as the skin around my ankle is both paler and more discoloured than the rest!

Leviticus Sun 14-Jun-15 09:18:44

Have you considered getting them lasered?

I have the Mac. It doesn't cover much more evens the skin tone out. I use Dermablend solid foundation applied with a brush, a bit better but still not full coverage. There are usually testers in Boots.

Doza Sun 14-Jun-15 09:33:39

Laser is something I will be looking into, may need to go to sclerotherapy. However I won't have the cash or the time before August unfortunately.
Thanks again for the suggestions!

gonegrey56 Sun 14-Jun-15 12:57:23

Wolford very thin tights in shade Cosmetic might help too ! They look really natural and help disguise imperfections .

LoadsaBlusher Sun 14-Jun-15 18:38:09

I can vouch for the Veil Cover cream
I use it to cover quite extensive areas of melasma.
The palette match kit is a great way to match shades before you purchase a full size.

MrsTattoo Fri 19-Jun-15 04:55:21

'Kat Von D' has a range of make up which can cover tattoos, maybe check out her youtube adverts for it and order a sample pot off of eBay to try? smile

Otherwise try a concealer blended well and use a setting powder on top grin

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