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clip in hair ...and the naked pallette while im at it!

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ahbollocks Sat 13-Jun-15 20:38:45

Its come time to renew my drying old clip ins and was wondering what anyone uses?
I use heat a fair bit for styling but have had extensions for 10 years so im good at caring for them etc etc
My okd stockist has started 'filling' them with a but of synthetic hair, rather than human which is ridiculously annoying and makes them rough.
Any recommendations? I use them for thickening, not so much the length!

And while I'm here, does anyone have a urban decay naked pallette preference? Make up supply is running low too!

ScooseIsLoose Sat 13-Jun-15 20:40:54

Can't help with the clip ins I don't use them but I am an urban decay fiend and have both naked one and two, I prefer naked one but they are bringing out a new naked smoked palette soon the colours look lovely so might be worth you looking at that?

NomiMalone Sat 13-Jun-15 20:45:13

I have no knowledge of extensions. Sorry!

The best Naked palette depends on your colouring. Naked 1 is warm browns and golds (with a beautiful gunmetal). Naked 2 is cooler toned but you still get Half Baked and Chopper (UD's most gorgeous golds). Naked 3 is rose golds and muted pinks. I find I reach for it less than the other two.

All 3 are incredibly pigmented and high quality.

ahbollocks Sat 13-Jun-15 22:50:01

Im looking for the perfect taupe/mushroom. Have been using benefit for years and years but naked just looks soooo much better and not so shimmery iyswim?

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sat 13-Jun-15 22:52:54

I've got Naked one and love it. However, there are a lot of dupes around now, so you might want to try one of those first.

I know nothing at all about hair extensions, sorry.

NomiMalone Sat 13-Jun-15 23:07:04

Benefit do a lot of great makeup but eye-shadow isnt one of them.

And while there are lots of cheap naked dupes they don't compare in quality of shadows.

For those kind of colours I would make up my own 4 shadow palette from either UD or MAC.

Urban Decay -

MAC - Satin Taupe, Mystery, Quarry and Copperplate.

UD - YDK, Stray Dog, Heist, Tease.

TealFanClub Sun 14-Jun-15 09:14:53


DeidreChambersWhatACoincidence Sun 14-Jun-15 09:21:06

We were researching clip in extensions only yesterday for dd.

We've ordered from Cliphair. It hasn't arrived yet of course so we don't know what it's like but the piece she chose was reasonably priced and the site has good reviews.

tearoomtrash Sun 14-Jun-15 14:22:26

Head Candy extensions are the best. - really thick & good quality. I buy the ones you dye yourself and my hairdresser dyes them to match my hair 100%, but they have a good range of colours.

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