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SPF for face, help!

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TwoTimesTwenty Sat 13-Jun-15 18:28:01

Been reading the Caroline Hirons thread and doing some research and realise I need to start wearing high spf on my face (have also started using Retin-A so spf essential now) but I can't find one I like. So far I've tried:
Anthelios HC by La Roche Posay - makes me look like a ghost and balls up over my moisturiser leaving white flecks that I have to wipe off
Soltan Once Face - too greasy
Eucerin Face - also too greasy.

I'd be v grateful for recommendations for something that won't (a) be too greasy and (b) ball up over a moisturiser. Please help me before I spend all my money on this!

Picachew Sat 13-Jun-15 18:31:18

I like Heliocare SPF 50+ From Amazon. Slightly tinted, I just use a powder over the top.

FrugalFashionista Sat 13-Jun-15 19:15:34

Japanese Biore from here. I binned my Anthelios. I am in Italy and Biore and other sunscreen like it have helped a lot - my hyperpigmentation is fading now.

Kundry Sat 13-Jun-15 19:20:42

Look for an oil-free one. Sunsense Daily Face and Avon e-Defence I like but Heliocare gel was the best but most £££.

Also do you absolutely need moisturiser under your SPF? If you are in any way oily then you may not need both - I'm combination and find my SPF is plenty moisturising enough for the day.

sksk Sat 13-Jun-15 19:24:40

Clinique city block sheer?

TwoTimesTwenty Sat 13-Jun-15 19:27:22

Thanks for the recommendations, I will take a look! Hadn't thought about not using a moisturiser - would I have to find a specific moisturising spf do you think if I stopped moisturising separately?

Itsalldramarama Sat 13-Jun-15 19:42:42

Piz bruin ultra light spf 30 for face is really good ! Non greasy , no white residue and goes on well after moisturiser ( was half price @ £6 in boots )

Picachew Sat 13-Jun-15 19:44:15

Trial and error re moisturiser and sunscreen at the same time for me at the moment. I have combination skin and am finding I might not need both. A bit of a revelation if I'm honest!

Picachew Sat 13-Jun-15 19:45:25

The balling up thing happens when silicones go on top of silicones I find.

Wisteria1979 Sat 13-Jun-15 19:52:05

I use the protect and perfect SPF face cream from boots. Currently on a 2 for £20 offer or something like that. Found it really good but whiteish so need to work it in but don't need a moisturiser under and smells nice too.

imnottoofussed Sat 13-Jun-15 19:55:35

I've been using bare minerals tinted gel it has spf 30

AgentCooper Sat 13-Jun-15 20:00:32

I use Clinique CC cream, SPF 30. I like the coverage a lot (nice and glowy) and don't feel any need for a separate SPF.

PerspicaciaTick Sat 13-Jun-15 20:02:07

Ultrasun do a whole range of anti-aging spf products specifically for faces.

Greengardenpixie Sat 13-Jun-15 20:11:13

Alpha H Daily essential moisturiser SPF 50. Fabulous. Goes on and it is not greasy in the slightest. Hunt around to get it cheaper.

LazySusan11 Sat 13-Jun-15 20:11:34

Ultra sun isn't too awful, I'm still searching for a good spf that doesn't make my skin feel dirty

sonata1 Sat 13-Jun-15 20:21:36

I use Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50 without another moisturiser. Doesn't make you look like a ghost and isn't greasy.

Rojak Sat 13-Jun-15 20:24:52

Another one for Biore - non greasy, absorbs really easily, doesn't feel like "sunscreen"

dun1urkin Sat 13-Jun-15 20:27:43

I went to the Clinique counter to ask about the UVA rating of city block and they didn't know what I meant at first, then gave me an 0845 number to call to ask shock
So I went to superdrug and got their own brand 'anti ageing face fluid' for £1.98. No balling when I put foundation over, and with serum under I don't need any moisturiser (have 'normal' skin) SPF 30 and 5 star UVA.

dun1urkin Sat 13-Jun-15 20:30:22

'Solait' couldn't remember the name of the range

worserevived Sat 13-Jun-15 20:38:22

Another vote for sunsense. I love this:

TwoTimesTwenty Sun 14-Jun-15 13:35:29

Thanks for all the tips - am veering towards the Kiehls as the product description says it's moisturising as well!

Thisishowyoudisappear Sun 14-Jun-15 13:57:32

Soltan Dry Touch Face is good - make sure it's the dry touch one. Worth trying as it's cheap. SPF50.

Eliza22 Sun 14-Jun-15 15:56:40

Vichy BB cream spf50 is nice. It's tinted Medium Tan but not dark. I can use it on its own.

andyourlittledogtoo Sun 14-Jun-15 17:07:07

I also use retin a and am military grade obsessive about using facial sunscreen, yet also have v acne prone skin. Have tried loads with varying success. There was a John Lewis stocked one recd by Sali Hughes that was in fact terrible, shiny as fuck and returned. Soltan Once is OK but bit greasy and yet also not moisturising enough without moisturiser IYKWIM. Have had some success with clinique city block 40, goes well under makeup, although also had the same vague response after emailing them re uva protection. Nivea 30 spf (in the blue tube) I have found very disappointing, as going out for a short jog wearing thick layers of this, I returned with patches of pigmentation where I had caught sun angry... Recently tried sample of Estee Lauder Prevage 50, a non sticky, non white, clear, light consistency, chemical sunscreen, and plan on buying some, really liked it, none of the usual probs so far. HTH OP! smile

andyourlittledogtoo Sun 14-Jun-15 17:11:58

Just seen other posts - sunsense was the Sali Hughes one that I returned! Was meant to be sheer and matt but it was the shiniest, gloopiest thing I've ever tried... Glad it works for some, maybe sits differently on different skins...?!?

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