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Thanks to the poster who recommended this Healing Facial Clay

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VeganCow Fri 12-Jun-15 22:30:59

Thanks for the recommendation of this facial clay it is seriously good stuff.
I have done a few masks with it and my skin has been really good. It cleans your face like nothing else, you can actually feel your skin pulsing as it works.

It's a clay powder and you mix it with equal amounts of cider vinegar, and brush it on. Leave it for about half an hour or so and wash it off with warm water. I got the 1lb tub and can see this lasting at least a year because you use so little. I also bought the mixing bowl, spoon and brush set that is on that Amazon page as an 'often bought with' item, was only £1.30. I have found that two scoops of the second biggest spoon gives the right amount for one mask.

havemercy Sat 13-Jun-15 17:27:58

I think I might try this, the reviews look great.

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