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Shoe-stretching - advice/experience gratefully received

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Bearleigh Fri 12-Jun-15 07:58:16

My new-ish Stuart Weitzman patent leather shoes are comfortable at first (so right size) but really painful after a while, although other SW shoes (same size) that I have are very comfortable. The leather just doesn't seem to have given at all, whereas other SW shoes, even patent ones, have given enough to fit my feet and be comfortable.

Customer services at Russell & Bromley, where I bought them tell me to pop into a branch and get them stretched.

If anyone has any experience of this, will it work so they are comfortable, and will they stay stretched? Or would I be better just asking for a refund now?

Gem124 Fri 12-Jun-15 09:36:26

I've never had shoes stretched professionally but I do have my own stretcher and it's made a huge difference as I have really really wide feet. You could always ask if you could refund them if they stretching doesn't make a difference?

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