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Bra fit help

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PhoebeMcPeePee Thu 11-Jun-15 22:40:35

I'm wearing my old 36B soft padded underwired bras (m&s t-shirt style) but losing weight means they are now totally the wrong size. What was once a fairly perky pair are now deflated little balloons in dire need of some support.

A recent trip to m&s has left me totally baffled (I know, I know smile) as they measured me as a 34A but couldn't find any that didn't gape at the top or slide up if I lift my arms up!.

Can someone guide me through self-measuring and give me an idea what sort of style would be best for support & to reintroduce some fullness. Definitely want underwired & some sort of padding (for volume but mainly nipple coverage smile)


Measure as described above. By the sounds of it they were miles off!

PhoebeMcPeePee Thu 11-Jun-15 23:11:24

Thank you very much. Just measured using that method at 32 under ribs & 34 across bust so reckoning on a 32B. Now just need to find a shape that works for me smile

That would seem a sensible start point

JontyDoggle37 Fri 12-Jun-15 02:00:08

For small not very full boobs (I.e. Mine pre-pregnancy) a slightly padded plunge bra is very supportive and gives a flattering shape - M&S always have a good selection of these and Debenhams have quite a few too.

PhoebeMcPeePee Fri 12-Jun-15 21:23:57

Thank you - I'm now he proud owner of 3 rather lovely Esprit padded plunge bras in a 32C shockshock

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