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I wish I was one of those women who on a hot day.....

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mrsdavidbowie Thu 11-Jun-15 14:20:13

Just get out there and look amazing.

I suffer from polymorphic light eruption and pustular rosacea which is looking particularly lovely today. I never sit in the sun ...even a few minutes chatting to a friend in a supermarket carpark makes my skin uncomfortable.

The faff of suncream in case its going to be sunny.

The radioactive whiteness of my legs ( no fake tan works)

Roll on October,.......

squizita Thu 11-Jun-15 14:24:09

I have similar issue. Instead of hayfever pollen gives me a disgusting contact rash. angry

I'm also allergic to most sensitive suntan lotions.

Woop Woop. Dons nuns habit...

Hadron21 Thu 11-Jun-15 14:24:31

I'm the same. I want to be one of those women with loose curls and floaty dresses.
Instead I'm just hot, red and sweaty.

mrsdavidbowie Thu 11-Jun-15 14:25:20

I am insanely jealous of sunkissed women.
It only started 5 years ago....I'm hoping its a menopausal thing.

TwiceAsNiceAsIceAndaSlice Thu 11-Jun-15 14:34:10

I go hot, sweaty and greasy.

Also I have large hairy feet and rubbish hair.

Oh and white pimply legs.

I really want to enjoy the sun. I want to wear floaty trousers or tiny shorts with vest tops without looking feeling horrid and self conscious.


Wagglebee Thu 11-Jun-15 14:34:26

I missed the How to do Summer class that everyone else seems to have taken.

Yesterday they were all out with their smooth brown legs, sunglasses and floaty dresses whilst I panicked and tried to find something that'd hide the shaving rash on my shins. I'm never prepared for Summer dressing no matter how much I swear this year it'll be different.

I have found some brilliant temporary tanning stuff though. It's St Tropez wash off tan, works like make up for your body and stays firmly put until you shower. No good if you have shaving rash but otherwise it's very good.

Thelovecats Thu 11-Jun-15 14:37:10

Me too! I have vitiligo and halo moles so any sun for me makes the patches show up worse. Also, have never mastered how to get smooth even skin on my legs without red dots- not sure it's even possible for me!

Hadron21 Thu 11-Jun-15 14:37:43

I have big tits and need scaffolding to keep them in the right position. I would love to be able to wear spaghetti straps!

Marylou2 Thu 11-Jun-15 14:43:46

Hadron21 have you tried Bravissimo strappy tops? They are amazing.

EthelCardew Thu 11-Jun-15 14:48:05

I have found my people! <runs to PPs with open arms>

Polymorphic Light Eruption - check
Horrid feet - check
white pimply legs - check
Big tits that look dangerously out of control in anything remotely skimpy - check
Also quite fat meaning I feel self-conscious in anything that doesn't cover my entire body and mask my shape.

Feel so attractive right now!

Just how do these women make their legs so smooth and glossy? Mine are so white, you can see the hair follicles and veins through the skin. Shaving causes red spots but waxing tears my thin skin. Ugh.

I also get a thumping headache in the sun.

AMcoffeeLover Thu 11-Jun-15 14:50:11

I have polymorphic light eruption too. And I love love love the sun and heat. Slap on the factor 30/50 and just have fun.
This morning I was worried about how I looked in my short shorts and vest top.....then I saw a woman in her 60s, looked like she'd never shaved (wow she was hairy!), wrinkled face and she was wearing a zebra print boob tube, metallic hot pants and ugg boots!
If she can look like that and be happy then I can show my lily white skin and be covered in spf and be happy!!!!

TheVeryHungryPreggo Thu 11-Jun-15 14:51:58

I hear you ladies. 40+5 and down to my last three items of baggy maternity clothing. I refuse to buy more.

And even if I wasn't pregnant I'd still be overweight and sweaty and some hideous combination of pale/burnt lobster.

Thank God it's warm enough for flipflops, as my feet have swollen out of shoes...

BabyGanoush Thu 11-Jun-15 14:56:22

I like sumner dressing.
So much easier than all this layering business!

Put underwear on. Add dress. Done.

Shall I set up a master class? wink

Oly4 Thu 11-Jun-15 15:00:14

I love summer dressing too, knickers, flip flops, dress, done.
I understand the stuff on skin problems etc, but the dressing part is easy with good underwear? I've seen women of all shapes and sizes looking fab in summer

quesadillas Thu 11-Jun-15 15:11:48

I manage to wear things that look OK(ish) but suffer from really bad hayfever, so I'm on OK dressed snotty mess. And I'm pregnant this year, so can't take any drugs. The wardrobe has taken a hit too, I refuse to spend loads on maternity wear.

burnishedsilver Thu 11-Jun-15 15:20:14

My feet swell up and look disgusting in the heat. Not good for dainty little sandals.

squizita Thu 11-Jun-15 15:37:27

Band tshirt, jeans, MASSIVE SUN GLASSES. Like I look this rough because I do all the festivals as opposed to all the school fetes which is my reality.wink

TheFillyjonk Thu 11-Jun-15 15:45:08

I never got why people worry so much about looking pale and white in the sun. I think it looks beautiful (as long as plenty of appropriate sunscreen is applied!) Never bought into the idea that tans look healthy. I think being comfortable in your own skin is surely more important than obsessing over St Tropez and bronzer.

MsBojangles Thu 11-Jun-15 15:52:04

I'd be perfectly happy to hibernate every summer, the sight of all those effortlessly tanned and glossy types everywhere is just too depressing for words.

Think I suffer from a reverse form of SAD.

quirkychick Thu 11-Jun-15 15:54:37

I have found dressing for summer harder as I have got older. I don't worry about being pale per se, but pale skin shows up every little blemish! I do suffer from prickly heat and really don't feel comfortable in the heat. Added to post pg leg issues, which means shorts or shorter skirts/dresses involve more effort. A lot more body maintenance is required even if the clothes are simpler!

Skinheadmermaid Thu 11-Jun-15 15:57:57

I don't mind being pale but I lost quite a lot of weight a few years ago. I had dreams of wearing shorts and a vest top in summer like everyone else seems to.
Nope, nope and nope. Not only have i regained a few pounds but my thighs are absolutely riddled with cellulite, they look like porridge in a string bag, plus I have loose skin plus flab thats been moved around that I can't manage to get rid of no matter how much exercise I do.
I can't even wear dresses without tights because my mighty thighs clap together like the thunder of a thousand horses and its very uncomfortable.
If I could find the perfect pair I.E cut to mid thigh, I might brave shorts anyway but they all seem to be really unflattering cuts to just above the knee (and my knees look like an 80 year olds) or far, far too short.

mrsdavidbowie Thu 11-Jun-15 16:20:15

Oh I'm so happy I'm not alone In PLE.
What sunscreen do you use?

I have big horrible feet and big tits too.

BlondeRoots Thu 11-Jun-15 16:23:05

I have horrendous hayfever, so even on the rare day that I manage to pull a 'look' together (dunno about smooth glossy brown legs and flowing curls...but something not too hideous) face is still a mess. Bags under my red eyes, constant sniffles and feeling like falling asleep from morn to night.


EthelCardew Thu 11-Jun-15 16:58:11

mrsdavidbowie I get it around my collarbones and on my wrists. I've been using Piz Buin Allergy 50+ since mid-summer last year and so far this year I've had NO REACTION! I can't quite believe it. Of course the sunny weather is only just starting really but I normally suffer daily from March onwards.

WaferInMyCoffee Thu 11-Jun-15 17:05:20

I get awful hayfever so can never risk eye make up in the summer because I am likely to forget, rub my eyes and look like a panda sad my nose is always red and sneezy too.

Plus I'm overweight so summer clothes generally look awful on me, whatever they are.

Mmm, I'm so sexy in summer. Not.

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