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permanent make-up - eyebrows

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JustOneMoreGin Thu 11-Jun-15 12:12:24


Has anyone had permanent make up recently, specifically their eyebrows?
I'm debating getting mine done but feel quite nervous about it. My eyebrows are overplucked and pretty dire TBH. I have tried 'growing them' but there's sparse areas where hair simply won't grow. I manage to make them look okay but I would love a permanent solution (I realise infills would be needed).

Can anyone recommend this type of treatment?


WickedWax Thu 11-Jun-15 21:35:44

I'm having mine done tomorrow afternoon, so I'll update when they're done. grin

andadietcoke Thu 11-Jun-15 21:39:43

My sister has had her eyebrows and lips done. They look a bit 'dramatic' at first, but calm down, but in my opinion she looks a bit odd without other makeup on.

DustBunnyFarmer Thu 11-Jun-15 21:42:38

I get why you'd have it done when you are young, but what happens when you get old and grey and wrinkly? Do you still have mousy/dark brows etc? With it being permanent, I'd imagine there are issues long term which may not yet be apparent as tattooed make-up is a recent thing.

JavaSparrow Thu 11-Jun-15 21:54:59

I'm jumping on to follow answers.... I have "half" brows, in that they give up halfway through so I have no tails iyswim. I am sick of penciling them in daily to see they are gone by lunchtime. I had them dyed a few times, but by an over enthusiastic lady who liked black scouse brows. I am a fair brunette.

I REALLY want tattooed brows, but need recommendations, ideally within m25. I also thought they faded after a year or so, so I wanted someone else to answer Dust Bunny's question (great name BTW).

WickedWax Fri 12-Jun-15 20:36:46

I had mine done this afternoon.

The lady I went to was great, I did loads of research before I chose her. She'd initially been recommended to me by a few of my clients and I loved all of their brows so I knew she was going to be good. She took a brief medical history and had a chat about which pictures on her Facebook page I particularly liked. She dabbed 3 different pigments/colours across my forehead to make sure she got a good match for my skintone, natural eyebrow colour and hair colour. She does every colour you could want from the lightest blonde thru to jet black and even grey. I've gone for a mid-brown. She pencilled the brows in first, took some measurements, pencilled a bit more, made a few tweaks to the shape which I asked for, covered them in numbing cream and then got started with the tattooing.

It was nowhere near as painful as I thought, in fact not painful at all. It took about 45 minutes of actual tattooing. It was a shock when I first sat up and looked in the mirror, but even now after a few hours, I've got used to them. Apparently they'll lose 20 to 30 percent of the colour, and I've got an another appointment in 4 weeks for a top up.

andadietcoke mine definitely look dramatic (to me) at the moment, and DH took his own life in his hands and told me he thinks they look great but will look even better when I put some make up on grin and I have to say I agree, so I know exactly what you mean about your sister.

Dust they're not permanent, they're semi-permanent. I was told today that they'll look great for a year, if I like them now then I'll definitely want them topping up in 18 months and in about 3 years, if I don't get them done any more, will have disappeared completely.

Java that's exactly why I got mine done. I thought I had decent brows but in photos, or from a certain angle or in bright sunlight, it looks like I've only got half a brow with no tail.

So if anyone is looking for someone in the Liverpool area that won't give you a scouse brow grin, then I'm happy to pass on her details.

AldiQ7 Fri 12-Jun-15 21:08:53

I know someone who has tattooed eyebrows (and eyeliner?!). She does wear quite a lot of make up anyway but her eyebrows just look like they have been drawn on with a brown felt tip pen and I imagine she would look very strange if she didn't wear the full face she wears every day.

amy52 Sat 13-Jun-15 23:04:51

I had my brows tattooed about 3 years ago. They started fading within a year and by 2 years had completely gone. Glad to say I was really happy to see the back of them. I hated them from the start, I had looked around and the person who did them came highly recommended, and had a great website with lots of testimonials. I explained I wanted tiny brush strokes that mimicked real eyebrows. She had lots of impressive photos of satisfied clients she had done this style for. Sadly when she did mine they were a blocked flat colour giving a very harsh look, not the soft natural look I expected. My advice would be to be very wary, you will be stuck with them for a long time and they are impossible to hide.

Allbymyselfagain Sat 13-Jun-15 23:49:41

My mum has just had hers as an early birthday present. She said it didn't hurt but not they are thick brown (like caterpillars although my dad still didn't notice! grin ) and all scabby. She says they are constantly itchy and she is really struggling not to scratch them. The scabs have started to flake and I can see a beautiful more natural brown underneath but still looking like two patchy caterpillars atm. She needs to have the definition added in a month or so but she had very sparse 80's over plucked eyebrows and the shape already looks so much better.

So I would say go for it BUT don't plan anything important for a whil after

yallahabibi Sun 14-Jun-15 04:01:56

My brows are really fair ( like Santa! ) so I worried that tattooing them would give a tabby cat effect. .Fortunately the lady I saw agreed and I didn't go ahead.
Instead I brush a little dark blonde hair colour through them one a month and get them threaded .

Honkytonkgal Sun 14-Jun-15 05:29:53

I had mine done in October by Karen Betts on Harley Street, all the celebs go to her and she is supposedly one of the best. Paid extra (about £900) for Karen to do them herself as wanted the best possible result - they're on your face after all! Really hoped it would mean I could look better without makeup and be more low maintenance as my eyebrows are naturally very thin and I felt I looked really 'undone' without them pencilled in. Well, they looked alright for about 2 months. Now they have massively faded and one is much thinner and shorter than the other. I still have to pencil them in every day. My advice, DO NOT bother wasting your money! Just suck it up, go to Anastasia Beverley Hills and get an amazing brow product and a gel so they won't budge.

ooarmehearties Sun 14-Jun-15 08:18:02

I have light red- blonde hair and asked for the lightest colour and a natural look with the feather strokes technique. I was very clear I didn't want the heavy brow that's fashionable atm. When its first done it looks too dark, but that's the pigment sitting on the top. You wait for it to flake off after religiously vaselining. It revealed a lovely shape and subtle colour which frames my face. I was so pleased I my eyelashes defined and my lips blushed. It is a subtle effect and looks natural. Make sure you do your research and are very clear about the effect you want.

JustOneMoreGin Sun 14-Jun-15 13:24:41

Thanks all, really appreciate the honest replies. I'm now less convinced about getting them done after hearing your feedback.

I think a make-up lesson and good eyebrow product might be a better option. x

burnishedsilver Sun 14-Jun-15 13:36:01

Something like Rapidbrow might be worth trying.

WickedWax Sun 14-Jun-15 15:30:48

Well mine are itching like mad today, driving me crazy. And they've gone really dry and tiny scabs have started forming.

But underneath the scabs I can see they look good, I can see the tiny hair strokes and they've lost the block-brown look they had 2 days ago and I'm delighted with the overall shape and size.

I've smothered them in the lotion I was given and hope this bloody itching stops in the next day or so.

bubblebug Thu 02-Jul-15 19:31:36

I used Emma Hall Beauty in Sutton Coldfield:

I went to Emma last month for permanent eyebrows. She penciled them in first and removed a lot of the ends of my eyebrows and then did the individual brush strokes. It was a rather uncomfortable procedure as she pushed down on my eyes and nose very heavy handily. I had to tell her to not press down so hard as i have my nose pierced and she was really pressing down. After she had finished she advised that i would need to come back and pay a further £50 on top of the £350 (for this procedure) for a touch up in approx 6 weeks time. I was unaware of this cost and had to leave a small deposit. She told me to clean them 3 times within the next 24 hours with salty water which i did that evening and the following day. I mentioned after looking in the mirror that one side seemed darker than the other but she said the colour will balance out. After day 3 i noticed that the left eyebrow was literally fading and this looked awful as she had tweezered a lot away and now it looked stumpy. I sent her a message along with photos, she queried how many times i wiped. I confirmed i did it over the 2 days (the day of the procedure) and the following day. She accused me of wiping them away! PERMANENT eyebrows wiped away after a few days! Ridiculous, i was really upset and she called me to explain that this is common, they can disappear and reappear after a few days into the skin. I told her i had lost my eyebrows through chemotherapy a number of years ago and had finally decided to save up and get them done and this was devastating. She reassured me it was normal and to use a pencil to fill them in. This defies the whole point of the procedure and i told her so. She said she would book me in to top up and after an exchange of emails where she kept telling me this is normal and she does 50 of these treatments a month and did a good job with mine. I told her i am not happy and it doesn't matter how many other procedures she does, mine was not right and i was devastated. I asked for a partial refund as i only had one decent eyebrow but she refused and said she would do the top up for free - so she was going to put them right for free, they shouldn't have needed putting right in the 1st place. During the 4 weeks i took regular photos and they just looked worse day by day and they were faded and it didn't even look as though i had them done. I was devastated. I got to my appointment today and Emma had in error booked me in on the day after. Instead of apologising her PA told me there is nothing she can do and come back tomorrow. It took me an hour to get there and there was no way i could come back tomorrow. Emma was so rude when i said i am devastated with my eyebrows. She said she had made a mistake and i told her i was already upset and that i just want a refund and will go elsewhere as i have not received the service i paid for. She said she would see me an hour later and slammed the door when she went back into the treatment room. I was in tears and their were many ladies there who witnessed it, They knew i was upset and advised i should let her fix the issue, i was very upset not to mention angry at her attitude. I waited to see her and she re-did them and was so abrupt and didn't utter two words to me to acknowledge all the issues nor apologise for the mix up or the fact that they were done so badly the first time. It makes perfect business sense to her, keep making the client come back for top ups!!! ££££££ lots of income for her but NO CUSTOMER service for the client. I have never experienced such an arrogant, rude and ignorant lady ever, no customer care skills or empathy and I just hope the eyebrows don't disappear within the next few days again. Terrible experience so beware ladies.......

juju610 Tue 26-Jan-16 17:41:05

Omg so glad you put this post up I was thinking of going to that salon Emma hall for my eyebrows won't bother now thank you

Laurennatalia13 Sun 07-Aug-16 15:55:25

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