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Do you have different sunglasses for different types of outfit?

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TealFanClub Thu 11-Jun-15 07:44:17

( probably only valid if non prescription I suppose)

Picachew Thu 11-Jun-15 08:15:40

No, I have a dark tortoiseshell pair. They suit my hair and skin so they should suit any outfit too. Might add that they're blingless, that helps them work with everything too.

burnishedsilver Thu 11-Jun-15 08:23:35

It was hard enough to find one pair that I like and that suit me.

noddyholder Thu 11-Jun-15 09:12:44

I do Have about 6 or 7 pairs They are my 'thing' though I'm not into bags or jewellery really and don't really wear accessories much

TealFanClub Thu 11-Jun-15 16:00:09

I barely wear jewellery. I only really liked earrings and rings and bracelets as necklaces make my bust look bigger
BUT ever since I needed glasses to read I find earrings AND glasses just clash

TealFanClub Thu 11-Jun-15 16:00:51

I have brown tort and also those pink boden ones. I love them. But I might look a cock in them

MsBojangles Thu 11-Jun-15 16:05:54

I have loads blush

Seem to wear aviators or big black cat eyes the most though.

noddyholder Thu 11-Jun-15 16:08:43

I wear big hoops still and my glasses Nothing else though have even ditched scarves!(until winter woolies are back) I do wear a little skinny string bracelet with a gold hoop

noddyholder Thu 11-Jun-15 16:09:29

Yes I wear big black 60s ones most but have a fabcy chloe pair which I like too gold twisty things

TealFanClub Thu 11-Jun-15 16:24:54

aviators look so so bad on me

noddyholder Thu 11-Jun-15 16:27:14

I don't suit rayban types much Ds and dp wear aviators never think of them for me. I bought a nude rayban type from h and m which i hardly wear!

Whatamuckingfuddle Thu 11-Jun-15 16:35:20

Been wearing cat eye tortoiseshell ones for about three years however bought a black pair to go with an abroad wedding outfit recently. I don't like them as much and will probably forget about them and lose them...

No, one pair of plain tortoiseshell which goes with anything, they are comfy, suit me, sit on my head well, inexpensive and easily replaceable if lost. No metal trim or logos, plain tortoiseshell arms.

PrimalLass Thu 11-Jun-15 16:51:02

No. I only wear wraparounds because I can't bear the sunlight getting in around the sides of more 'open' sunnies.

miaowmix Thu 11-Jun-15 16:56:09

yep, tortoiseshell cat eye style, yellow and pink Boden, just ordered some black ones in &otherstories sale (only �11), various cheapo M&S etc from over the years. I love sunglasses. Never get super expensive but kind of upmarket high street as I don't like really flimsy ones.
Hate aviators. Don't like any with anything metallic at all.

OldBeanbagz Thu 11-Jun-15 17:03:07

I have two pairs. One for everyday use and one for wearing when i'm cycling. I tend to just wear stud earings so no real clash.

TealFanClub Thu 11-Jun-15 17:59:16

i dont iike the sports sunglasses worn with normal clothes

TheWordFactory Thu 11-Jun-15 18:09:22

I have a few pairs.

Some tortoise shell ones, some white ones, some red ones.

noddyholder Thu 11-Jun-15 22:24:20 love these

Saurus72 Thu 11-Jun-15 22:32:51

No, I have a pair of black ones from Whistles that I wear all the time and love. In fact, I love them so much that I bought a second pair (in the sale) in case anything happens to the original ones blush

GunShotResidue Thu 11-Jun-15 22:36:02

Last year, after DH stood on my lovely old sunglasses, I found a pair in primark for £1 that really suit me shape wise. This year they've brought out the same shape in 6 new colours, so I've bought them all!

Depending on my mood I'll match or clash my sunglasses to my outfit.

lurkingaround Thu 11-Jun-15 23:18:13

I have a few pairs, not to go with outfits but just because. But I always end up wearing the same old tortoise shell ones that are horribly dated. The lenses in them are phenomenally comfortable and I can't bear looking theough the others. Expensive crap

JoyceDivision Thu 11-Jun-15 23:24:11

I have 4 pair, my bestest ones are Moschino from tk maxx, £25, deep black, hearts on their sides with hearts moulded on at end of arms.

they are feckin' ace!!

I am saving them for best blush

JoyceDivision Thu 11-Jun-15 23:25:40

I mean the shape of the glasses are hearts that are on their sies so the points meet in the middle!

er.. These!

Fabellini Thu 11-Jun-15 23:28:10

I have two pairs of Rayban Wayfarers, one black, and one tortoiseshell. I also have a pair of navy framed DKNY ones that I bought as an emergency hide behind hungover after a hen night.
I can't wear any of them now because I need prescription lenses (eyesight has deteriorated alarmingly), so have a pair as close to the black wayfarers as possible. I asked optician about getting prescription lenses put in Rayban frames, but it wasn't possible. sad

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