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Shorts for a curvy 12 approaching 40?

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anothercrackatit Wed 10-Jun-15 22:56:04

I'm at a loss to find something non-frumpy and comfortable for hot weather. I find linen goes droopy and is unflattering on the bottom quite quickly. There's the old cut off denim option but the length is tricky to get right. My legs are ok but theres certainly no thigh gap! What are you ladies wearing?

traviata Wed 10-Jun-15 22:58:54

white stuff

TealFanClub Wed 10-Jun-15 23:02:39

banana republic

Toffeelatteplease Wed 10-Jun-15 23:03:46

I'm a curvy 16-18, don't laugh but I found these in Tesco. They are fab. pass the DP still looks/strokes my bottom test are not at all frumpy , a good length for showing off leg but still long enough to keep off show you want off show.

anothercrackatit Wed 10-Jun-15 23:03:50

Those are good traviata, thank you. I'll pop in tomorrow and have a look. I've always been scared of that shop!

TealFanClub Wed 10-Jun-15 23:04:40

scared of WHITE STUFF?

home of the mediocre? grin

anothercrackatit Wed 10-Jun-15 23:06:12

Ooh, thank you, so many to look at! I've been scared of White Stuff since I went in and thought, oh, that's where those women get their clothes!

TealFanClub Wed 10-Jun-15 23:08:00

yes - the home of A line skirts and button necklaces
the shorts are ok - STEP AWAY from the rest

TheFairyCaravan Wed 10-Jun-15 23:41:36

Next chino shorts are fab. They are huge so you will probably need to size down and as the turn ups aren't sewn up you can make them as long or as short as you want.

Heels99 Wed 10-Jun-15 23:42:43

I gt some great new from phase 8, blue spotty, high waist and side zip very flattering.

anothercrackatit Thu 11-Jun-15 09:25:53

Thank you everyone for your great suggestions. I'll head into town this afternoon and try Phase Eight, White Stuff and Next. I could drive to the big Tescos, I've only been in twice as its a bit lively (!) but I could do a targeted raid! Does Banana Republic sell from actual shops or is it just online?

Toffeelatteplease Thu 11-Jun-15 10:09:18

Order online collect instore is free! totally targeted

vitaminC Thu 11-Jun-15 15:31:51

I have these which are pretty versatile and flattering.

anothercrackatit Thu 11-Jun-15 22:32:31

I didn't get into town today due to child-based nonsense but I am very much hoping to do so tomorrow. Thank you ladies and I promise to update smile

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