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Curly Girl Method: products & advice for natural curls

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sweetjane11 Wed 10-Jun-15 22:21:26

I've started the curly girl method again but I'm finding it SO hard to find decent shampoos, conditioners and styling products that aren't full of silicones and other nasties & that aren't CRAZY expensive or only available online. Sigh...
Any advice or tips? There are lots of youtube videos and blog posts online but most seem to be catered for American curlies. The products they rave about are available cheaply in the US but not here sad

I've discovered the Dr. Organic range from Holland & Barrett, but they start at about £5.49 a bottle. I'd prefer something cheaper! I've tried the Boots Curl Creme but that was a little hit & made my hair really slimy, I suppose I used too much sad
Oh and the Naked range is no longer available in my local Boots... Noooooo!!


MamaLazarou Wed 10-Jun-15 22:35:04

As I Am coconut cowash from Amazon. Since I found it two years ago, I have never used anything else. You can use it alone, or with a separate conditioner on the ends.

It is around £10 a tub but lasts for a good while.

ForSaleChesterDraws Thu 11-Jun-15 05:19:31

For conditioner look for the Garnoer ultimate blends in the brown bottle- silicone free and works as a conditioner only wash.

Umberto Giannini curl friends flirty curls scrunching jelly is fabulous.

Freyathecatt Thu 11-Jun-15 05:47:36

Look into making flax seed gel to define curls.

TheVeryThing Thu 11-Jun-15 05:56:05

Have a look at the palmer's olive oil range, they do a co-wash and an sls free shampoo. Also, inecto conditioner, here in Ireland it is €2 in primark, and is my favourite.

quirkychick Thu 11-Jun-15 06:00:24

You only need a tiny bit of curl creme.

I have used Inecto Coconut Conditioner as co wash. About �1:50 from Savers.

BikeRunSki Thu 11-Jun-15 06:04:45

The Boots Curl Creme is my favourite product! I use is sparingly in wet hair.

ScienceRocks Thu 11-Jun-15 07:34:57

I think the happy hair days range range of shampoos and conditioners from Sainsburys is CG friendly and quite cheap.

I bought a tea tree conditioner to 'wash' and a moisturising one as a conditioner. Both from Aldi and CG.

My hair was really nicely defined all week. I'm just trying to remember how much conditioner to leave in.

nenehooo Thu 11-Jun-15 07:41:05

Look in TK Maxx - I bought a whole devacurl set - no poo, conditioner, gel and mousse plus a microfibres towel for about £20! Agree boots creme is great but I use the tiniest amount - just enough to make a very thin white film when I rub my hands together.

completelytorn Thu 11-Jun-15 08:48:34

God, I use loads of curl creme! I am also hunting new products, I use tresemme naturals to co-wash and had old formula tigi oatmeal and honey for conditioner but new formula has cones.

Superherosidekick Thu 11-Jun-15 12:30:43

The British Curlies website has a shop which gives you an idea of what products are out there and what might suit your hair. You can then find them cheaper on amazon.
My shampoo and conditioner (shea moisture) are about £11 each on amazon but they last for ages. I bought these at the start of the year and I am barely a third of the way through the bottles.
I love the shea moisture curl custard too.

I look for Deva in TK Maxx but have only ever found the no-poo and it wasn't that cheap.

I've 'washed' my hair again with my cheapy Aldi conditioners and I have bouncy, defined ringlets.

BornToFolk Thu 11-Jun-15 13:43:53

You need a tiny amount of curl creme and you need to rub it between your palms until it goes white and then apply.

I also really rate the Umberto Gianini gel. It's the most expensive hair product that I buy but well worth it. I wait until Boots has it on offer and then stock up.

I usually use Tresemme Naturals to co wash and Fructis to condition. I can usually find Fructis in Savers for �1.

I've just bought the Aldi 69p tea tree conditioner as a co-wash but I haven't tried it yet so it's good to hear that others like it.

JennyOnAPlate Thu 11-Jun-15 14:54:15

Tresseme naturals, sainsburys own brand coconut conditioner (so cheap!) boots curl creme, eco gel (available on Amazon) cantu Shea butter curl activator (also Amazon)...all reasonably priced and work well for me.

Firsttimer7259 Thu 11-Jun-15 17:25:10

Asda exotic blossom conditioner - v cheap. Boots and superdrug also do own brand stuff of which one is usually cone free. There seem to be a new range of silicones about which means there's less products without. I think some of them are ok for curls tho- they have numbers or PEG on the end of the compound. I haven't tried tho as v suspicious... but vaguely remember reading something. Finding it hard to find the tresemme silicone free stuff in stock these days.

SLS free shampoo I get from health food store. Around a fiver but I shampoo v rarely so lasts over a year! I also really like the cantu curl creme.

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