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Eyebrow Powder/Pencil for Cool Toned / Winter Jewel

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AmelieinOz Wed 10-Jun-15 20:55:07


I have thick brows but there are gaps that I need to fill in.

Could you recommend an eyebrow pencil/powder brand and shade that I can use that will go with my Winter jewel skin tone? I have dark Asian hair and light skin.

I find most of the ones available are usually brown that have warm/red tones, and they don't look nice on me.

daftyburd Wed 10-Jun-15 21:28:36

Laura Mercier Brunette brow pencil doesn't have red tones. I had to change from Benefit Brow Zings to the Laura Mercier when I dyed my hair.

SorrelForbes Thu 11-Jun-15 07:28:47

I use Armani Eye Maestro in Wedgewood. It's a sort of gel, cream that you can use on brows and eyes. That shade is a dark brown with no warm tones. .

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