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Wardrobe of a 30something career girl/life of a 40something mum of two girls! (but who works full time from home) Need to downsize I think - but how?!

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Luckytohavemybaby Wed 10-Jun-15 11:02:34

I've got lots of lovely clothes but don't wear most of them. They all fit, that's not an issue. I think I need a capsule wardrobe and to restrain myself from buying any more stuff. My oldest daughter loves my clothes my clothes so I'm thinking of storing some of the better ones.
If I don't buy any new stuff for a year, will this help me focus on what I need - before I throw out something I regret getting rid of.
As an aside I need new work out gear (I work mostly from home with the odd smart outfit needed for my city news writing stints). And wondering if I should invest in some school-run-to-home-desk stuff.
what - oh wise women of S&B - do you do?

iloveoz Wed 10-Jun-15 11:51:36

Book session with personal shopper tell them your issues and they can help I went last week bought few items no hard sell and I took some items never wear+now matched up felt slot better for it

runningandjumping Wed 10-Jun-15 12:00:41

Had a similar situation - and I always found that you can mix up smart and casual things well. E.g. jeans with a smart shirt, or smart trousers with a t shirt, denim jacket with a smart scarf

GoodbyeToAllOfThat Wed 10-Jun-15 12:26:24

I'm in the same exact boat.

My most successful recent purchases:

Gap linen shirt - beautifully cut.

Cashmere crewneck

Cute jacket at M&S

I wear Gap always skinny jeans.

I bought these boots recently, spendy but worth it:

Luckytohavemybaby Wed 10-Jun-15 13:15:04

I have just - since posting - put all my winter clothes into storage (eg sealed bags in the loft) I can see how much stuff I have that is old or a bit tatty (summer) so I can throw that (recyle) and I think I'm just going to throw out my old (smelly) gym kit and buy new. Then the detox will have to begin! x

museumum Wed 10-Jun-15 13:18:52

For a week or two put everything you wear and wash into a different wardrobe - see what's left behind.
Pick out things you need to keep for occassional use, weddings and stuff...

Then put the rest into storage, getting out anything that comes to mind as and when. At the end of the summer, if it's not been worn then get rid.

FrugalFashionista Wed 10-Jun-15 13:40:35

I'm in this situation. I've mixed in some smart stuff, jackets and coats and some dresses because I've never gone for the stereotypical mum look. Because I have lots of more formal clothes, I have started buying new things that are fully informal. The biggest difficulty is changing the mindset and buying what I will actually wear vs. what I am used to buying (utility jacket vs blazer, ripped jeans vs wool trousers, a jumpsuit instead of a dress, a sweatshirt instead of a sleeveless silk blouse, high tops not heels). I need occasional clearouts to get rid off the stuffiest items that never get worn, but I storage quite a few things that are out of fashion atm, they always make a comeback (flares and A line skirts at the mo for example - have retrieved them from my archives wink). Work dressing has changed too, it has become more fluid and softer. I may start spending more time in the office soon but don't think I will need my suits very often, so I have gotten rid of most of them.

The biggest trap of being based at home is falling into a pattern of buying something just for the sake of buying. I never did that when I had an exciting job and a full social life, but it definitely became a problem when my life changed. So some type of no-buy or low-buy might be a great idea. You'll soon discover the items that you wear constantly.

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