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Help finding some nice cufflinks or other present for DH

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ThisOneAndThatOne Wed 10-Jun-15 08:53:29

I want to buy DH a present to celebrate getting a new job. It's really the job of his dreams and he has worked very hard to be a credible candidate and get it.

But am stumped for ideas. So thinking about posh cuff links - budget around £300.

But open to any other suggestions.

Not a posh pen as he a bic biro man and would never use it.

Thank you for any help

Bombaybunty Wed 10-Jun-15 09:34:57

I bought some lovely ones for DH from here.

Thet have some unusual ones and mid range prices.

ThisOneAndThatOne Wed 10-Jun-15 09:48:19

Thank you. Lots of lovely things on there

BumbleNova Wed 10-Jun-15 10:08:01

these are beautiful:

feneliailtis Tue 19-Jan-16 02:55:54

I have recently bought my pair of cufflinks from an online store and it is very nice. The quality is even much better than the ones I saw from stores!! I did not expect it. I am so excited, I could not help to share my experience here:-D:-):-) They do nice personalised cufflink boxes too, that has come out really nicely.

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