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I look like everybody else

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cerealqueen Tue 09-Jun-15 13:47:43

And I don't want to! Looking around the toddler group today, noticed that there is a common theme - skinnies, top, cardi, cross body bag bag and trainers - most commonly converse. I ticked all the boxes, as did most woman there. There is a woman there with a very strange mode of dress and I realised that while its not my taste, she looks different and I envied her for it.

I like to look stylish and used to be a bit different but seem to have lost the way/ got lazy/tired. How can I add an edge to my look? Jewellery is a bit hard as DD at an age where she likes to pull on things. Bangles would be ok but not much else.

I like vintage style too, but find it hard for everyday.

Any advice welcome please!

knackeredknitter Tue 09-Jun-15 13:53:33

Dunno, I look like that too.
Watching with interest though

butterfly133 Tue 09-Jun-15 14:05:15

I'm sure we end up looking this way for practicality. I have noticed it but can't say it worries me. I have nothing against jeans and T-shirts, then I like a cardi as I get cold easily....trainers more comfortable than anything else and some lovely ones around. I don't have a cross body bag as I find them annoying. I do like a stylish bag, for some reason, even though I lack interest in other areas.

Tunic top over skinny jeans? Also we had a thread talking about comfy shoes that aren't trainers....Shoe Therapy was recommended. I must confess I haven't bought them yet as I am not going to spend money till I work out where my mid-life appearance dilemmas are actually going....I still may land on the side of "can't be bothered".

If it's distinctivness you are after, then a set of bangles, a different haircut, a strong signature "main" colour for clothes might help?

Greenstone Tue 09-Jun-15 14:08:13

Honestly it's a practicality thing, I kind of look like that too. I do make more of an effort to have a '-twist' to my look at weekends or (rare) events though.

Greenstone Tue 09-Jun-15 14:10:22

Although if you do want a change from skinnies, Cos has some interesting looking trousers at the mo. Jersey maxi dresses or skirts another good option?

NomiMalone Tue 09-Jun-15 14:20:14

I'm the other woman you mention. I stand out (probably in a negative way to some) because I don't wear the mummy uniform.

If you love the vintage look then vintage inspired stuff is easier to carry off than true vintage for the school run.

Modcloth is an amazing site for that look. Trollied Dolly, Eucalyptus, Fever London, Tara Starlet all do vintage inspired but not costumey 50's stuff. The regular high Street shops throw up occasional treasures too.

EuphemiaCoxton Tue 09-Jun-15 14:38:37

I buy and wear real vintage everyday, but not top to toe. Always a bag. Usually a jacket. Often a top or a t shirt.
Genuine 50s stuff and earlier can be difficult as it's often a bit too delicate for everyday wear now. And a lot of everyday clothes simply got worn out

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Tue 09-Jun-15 14:42:43

Argh I have become this person too OP, mainly for practical reasons! I think it's common to lose yourself a bit during the baby/toddler years. I wish I could help but as I'm stuck in the same rut I can't.
One of my NCT group always looks fab and 'different' but she's 5ft 10 and a size 6 so not something I can emulate unfortunately envy

cerealqueen Tue 09-Jun-15 18:39:13

Thanks everybody. I need to be practical and I am sure I can be stylish too. I'm sorting out my wardrobe and wearing some of the lovely things I have but keeping for wearing who know where (I never go anywhere!)

I'll check out those sites NomiMalone and Euphemia I have some vintage things I need to mix with my other clothes more often.

I'm wearing my little worn clogs tomorrow!

ginorwine Tue 09-Jun-15 19:07:21

What era for example do you like ? Maybe dress as a nod to it . E g I like 60 s stuff so i tend to wear a quick up do , slim capris and a top with either flat sling backs or sandal w a 60 s vibe . Still practical .

carrie74 Tue 09-Jun-15 19:23:05

Strangely (to me anyway), I dress like that too (as do lots of local mums), but for some reason I've got a reputation for being stylish (actually today I was described as 'always cool'. I can definitely assure you I'm really not). The only thing I can put it down to is details: I make sure my jeans fit impeccably, and wear premium denim. I wear jeans almost everyday, so have a few pairs, but they last quite a while, and I think are worth cost per wear, as they fit so well (although TBF, if you can get a HIgh Street pair that fit perfectly, than I'd forego the premium denim, it's just for me, I've found a brand that works and I stick to it).

Next thing I'm fussy about is fabrics: I can't bear polyester and will avoid it as far as possible. I don't like how it feels, and a lot of the time I think it looks cheap. I also make sure everything fits well.

Finally, I usually accessorise: I like a good handbag (less fussed by shoes, so don't have loads, but I do rotate them), and will try and wear one piece of costume jewellery every day (whether it be some kind of bracelet or long necklace), as well as my usual day jewellery: wedding/eng rings, diamond studs and 2 delicate necklaces. I wear these for sentimental rather than style reasons though grin. Good sunglasses go a long way to winning style points too (and hides the fact I rarely wear eye make-up).

Greenstone Tue 09-Jun-15 19:34:20

Oh yes I think good sunglasses can fast track a cool /put together vibe for sure. Carrie what type of long necklaces do you wear? I love the layered chains look but haven't done it in a while as have a 7 month old.

CatOfTheForest Tue 09-Jun-15 19:34:57

I find it easy to fall into the jeans, top, cardie, trainers look – because it's easy and practical. But I like to mix it up sometimes if I feel up to making the effort. In summer I like a maxi dress or a vintagey knee-length dress – still with a cardigan, but it looks fresher. In winter, tights and a knee-length skirt with a jumper or sweat top, or a soft sweater dress or 60s-style shift dress over a long-sleeved top. If it's warm I wear birkenstocks, always with brightly painted toenails.

I second the bag and sunglasses. I'm not someone who buys lots of bags but I do like to choose well and get something really different and stylish – a bright colour or print, or a doctor bag style tote rather than the usual suspects. And I LOVE sunglasses. With kids they easily get scratched or broken so every spring I stock up on a few cheap pairs from Boots or 2nd hand off ebay - Fabris Lane are great for cheap but stylish. I have a creamy-white, cats eye pair and I feel a lot funkier when I throw them on, whatever else I'm wearing.

Wotsitsareafterme Tue 09-Jun-15 20:14:07

Where are you buying slim capris that's all I want to buy grin

MamaLazarou Tue 09-Jun-15 20:35:24

Can you sew? I look for patterns in the 'costume' section and make them up with pretty fabrics and trims. You will never see anyone else wearing one of your creations!

carrie74 Tue 09-Jun-15 21:57:49

greenstone I have a few necklaces that have built up over the years. Banana Republic is good for this kind of thing, especially during sales! I've got one that is small links, with big links at the bit at the bottom, one with small coins all around the outside (I actually bought two of these and layer), one with a plain silver chain and a massive oval turquoise stone, various statement necklaces (not long but I wear them on their longest setting so they're as far from my neck as possible).

ginorwine Tue 09-Jun-15 22:01:28

I got my slim capris from next . I also bought some from primark but too wide and plan to sew them to a tapered leg . Boden do them in summer and winter.
I also have cats eyes sun specs and lippy .

ginorwine Tue 09-Jun-15 22:03:38

I have started sewing my own simple tops in retro inspired fabrics or Liberty fabric .
A see Tilly and the buttons blog for inspiration if it's your type of thing ..

nottheOP Tue 09-Jun-15 22:12:11

I've seen one mum and she also wears midi tube skirts like this

With a vest top and a cardi or soft jacket and flat ankle boots or sandals. It's a nice alternative.

squizita Wed 10-Jun-15 08:44:33

Have you seen Retro Chick ' "lazy girls guide" on her blog? Very useful for styling vintage quickly.

What decade do you like? I can almost certainly find you ideas or cheats for quickly nodding to it with minimal fuss.
I mix vintage, 2nd hand designer, new bargains and high street/alternative ... what I look like I'm wearing and what I'm really wearing are often slightly different! Eg. Mod dress, block tights, mod boots ... The tights are fine knit leggings, the boots are low heel calf length so dare I say mum boots..? And the cap hides my mum bun. grin In terms of organisation and dressing it's v quick.
Or if I'm looking a bit "rock chick" they're still jeans and a t shirt, it's just the colour/design and a leather jacket.

squizita Wed 10-Jun-15 08:45:50

Cereal shock ;though now I wonder if I'm the "strange one" at my playgroup! shock

squizita Wed 10-Jun-15 08:50:42

Sorry 3rd post.

YY to high end or unusual accessories. Eg. I have some VW sunnies that instantly say "I'm a bit glam tired" even when we all know it's mum tiredness. wink I have a RL Cape I got in TK Maxx (Rrp 600, it was 69!) because it's unusual and posh looking it pays dividends (and I bf under it lol).

Chchchchangeabout Wed 10-Jun-15 08:51:26

I live in dresses and leggings --because I'm too fat for skinnies--

Anothernumber99 Wed 10-Jun-15 13:13:19

I ditched my Converse a couple of years ago, as fed up of feeling like a scruffy student which is how I felt once Converse were no longer brand new. I now wear loafers, boots with a low heel or leather sandals depending on the weather. Just as comfy as Converse and I feel a bit smarter.

I have also stopped wearing Breton / striped tops as they are everywhere and I did start to feel like I was wearing a uniform. I now wear shirts with sleeves rolled up which looks a bit smarter but still casual.
Hardly cutting edge fashion but maybe slightly different?

cerealqueen Wed 10-Jun-15 14:34:18

Squitza thanks for the ideas. I like 50s for dresses, 60s, and 70s!! You don't sound at all strange, more right up my street!

Playgroup mum is strange in the mode of dress that I thought went beyond quirky but I see she's being individual.

Today I wore wide leg jeans and my clogs which I couldn't do my motor buggy walk in but i wasn't venturing far today, boat neck top and a printed 50s style coat which was in fact from Primark. I like that I made more of an effort than usual.

I can sew, but I don't have a machine. I like to upcycle things by dyeing them and adding buttons but I can't make anything from scratch.

I'd like a tube skirt but don't have any money at the moment, maybe I'll seek one out on Ebay. And some funky sunglasses. That is an immediate win!

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