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What has happened to Superdrug Vitamin E hot cloth cleanser

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Crusoe Tue 09-Jun-15 13:23:27

Help I can't find it in store or on their website! Anyone know what has happened to it - really hope it hasn't been discontinued.

Bostin Tue 09-Jun-15 13:26:09

I bought one a couple of months ago but have also noticed it has disappeared.

hollyisalovelyname Tue 09-Jun-15 16:01:22

It probably has been discontinued because so many customers loved it.
Cynical... MOI ?

TheSpottedZebra Tue 09-Jun-15 16:07:43

Get the green one, the Natural Radiance one. I like it much better. In fact my tube of vit e hot cloth cleanser is pretty much unused!

MadameJulienBaptiste Tue 09-Jun-15 16:08:43

Oh no! I only got my first one last month after all the recommendations on here.
Have to say though their melting gel cleanser is gorgeous so I'm not panicking yet.

BlackCake Tue 09-Jun-15 18:11:08

It was out of stock for about a month in my local Superdrug, but they just got more in, so don't think its been discontinued.

I also panicked. Bought the Natural Radiance one, which is just as good imo. Good to know!

Shop Tue 09-Jun-15 19:56:33

It's not on superdrug online that I could see, nor were a couple of other vitamin e products I like (body butter & intensive moisturiser).
Hoping they aren't going to reformulate!

INeedSomeHelp Tue 09-Jun-15 20:28:07

I was in superdrug this evening and they did have the vitamin e hot cloth cleanser but it was on special offer (a 1/3 off I think) along with a lot of other products from that range. So some stores probably have sold out.

hollyisalovelyname Tue 09-Jun-15 21:04:23

Oh yes... reformulate and your loyal customers find out they are allergic to the new formulation.
If it ain't broke why fix it ?

WLondonMum Tue 09-Jun-15 21:14:52

It was in my local store today. I can't stand the smell of the Natural Radiance one!

ginorwine Tue 09-Jun-15 21:16:31

It's in my local one .
Try the radiant one tho it's v good !
If urgent I Wd post some to u tho !

Orangedandelion Tue 09-Jun-15 23:37:26

My local superdrug did sell out and I was worried when I couldn't see it online so I stocked up when they got more in.

Although saying that I've stopped using it for a bit because I think it's a bit too rich for my face sometimes and was causing a bit of redness and pimples.

daftyburd Wed 10-Jun-15 00:23:09

I prefer the radiant one now too. Vit E has been sent to boyfriend's bathroom for when I stay over. Worth trying the radiance one. My skin is prone to redness and spots and I think also the vit e may have been too rich for me.

avagosling Wed 10-Jun-15 10:54:55

I've tried it but did not think much of it... I much prefer just a simple hot cloth cleansing method with castor and jojoba oils though

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