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Bravissimo bra fit - can I return bra?

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Pumpkinette Tue 09-Jun-15 10:05:34

Hi all. I got fitted in bravissimo at the weekend. I got a black and a white in the same style (panache). The style of bra was a bit different from what I normally go for. I wanted a white bra to go specifically with one of their dresses and thought I would just get a fitting since I was there anyway.

When I tried them on in the shop they felt ok but I did comment on the shape being different from my normal. The middle section is quite wide but my boobs tend to naturally gravitate towards each other. I was assured it was a good style for my shape and had to agree that it gave me a good uplift (perhaps more so than other styles I go for).

Anyway I put on said bra and dress last night for a wedding reception, after about half an hour I could feel the middle wires rubbing against by boobs and when I checked it was getting red and sore. Fortunately I had some compeed heel blister pads in my bag so I stuck one of them across where bra was rubbing and got through the night unscathed.

Now obviously I will be returning/ exchanging the unworn black bra but can I also return the one I have worn as they done the fitting?

nottheOP Tue 09-Jun-15 10:06:27

Yes you can

hairhelpplease Tue 09-Jun-15 13:15:40

Yes, I find them good for doing returns. I had the material on part of a wire rub away after 3/4 wears and returning that was no issue. I just gave them a call to explain and they sent me a pre-paid sticker for postage.

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