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Quality T-shirts for me and him..

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FusionChefGeoff Mon 08-Jun-15 22:49:29

We're both a bit crap at clothes and tend to buy cheapo stuff which surprisingly doesn't wash or last very well. Pegging out the washing today, I decided that it actually makes more financial sense to buy some more expensive items that will last.

Not fussed by the brand or designer price tags but happy to pay more providing the quality is worth the investment - any thoughts on where to shop??

Marylou2 Tue 09-Jun-15 11:38:41

I like Boden and Uniqlo while DH prefers Fatface. I always wash gently at 30 degrees and dry on a rack dryer rather than line or tumble dry.Keeps everything nice.

seaoflove Tue 09-Jun-15 11:41:00

I really rate Uniqlo.

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