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Vitamin C serums and Retinol

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Perfumista Mon 08-Jun-15 09:35:29

Hi- I'm after some advice. After reading all the various threads on skin, I identified a couple of products that I needed to complete my regime- vitamin c serum and retinol. So, I took a punt on a 25% vit c serum from Novopeel. It does make my skin look radiant, but it leaves staining on my hand (like fake tan). Anyway, I'm now after a decent Retinol product. I can't afford anything too expensive. I was thinking about the Vichy one, that is about £31 (wrinkle filler or something). Anyone recommend anything online/ ebay that won't make my face drop off??

Sansarya Mon 08-Jun-15 09:36:53

Try the Paula's Choice website. Lots of retinol serums and moisturisers there.

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