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chest wrinkles, tramlines etc etc

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butterfly133 Sun 07-Jun-15 22:27:17

I posted recently that i was going to try silc skin pads for the dreaded tramlines. I am only 39 but these have arrived rather suddenly. The silc skin pads are good but they do irritate my skin - twice in the weeks I've used them I've woken up with a rash. So it doesn't appear I can use these long term.

Does anyone have any suggestions for creams that actually work? Or even IPL treatment which I'm now considering? I feel far too young to have to start covering up this area. I don't go around in plunging necklines all the time, but if you imagine the area where a standard necklace would have a pendant, that looks awful.....I do notice by lunchtime it looks much better, so clearly side sleeping is the problem.

I have tried sleeping on my back and just wake up on my side, also tried sleeping in a bra and it made no difference. I don't really want to do anything that will make my sleep quality worse than it is (I'm a terrible sleeper, I think you can get a pillow that stops you moving to your side but I would just wake up and once awake, I don't get back to sleep).

I don't smoke or sunbathe. Any ideas? Thanks.

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