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thinking of having a one off botox jab in forehead

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QOD Sun 07-Jun-15 17:23:32

I frown. A lot. A vertical crease in middle of forehead, not lots of horizontal ones. I want to break the habit as I've noticed that I have a circle of wrinkles all round my face when I do it
I'm 46 and don't look it. Not after unwrinkling g, just stopping the habit

FuckyNell Sun 07-Jun-15 17:26:26

Yes but don't kid yourself it'll be a one off though!

CheeseBored Sun 07-Jun-15 17:28:23

I would very much like to have botox for my number 11s that make me look grumpy and tired, even when I'm not.

Ilikesweetpeas Sun 07-Jun-15 17:29:55

Go for it! I love mine

holdyourown Sun 07-Jun-15 17:45:33

The trouble with a one off, I'd have thought, is won't you just feel the same level of dissatisfaction, or worse, when it wears off? confused
slippery slope imo. If you look pretty good at 46 you should rejoice!

QOD Sun 07-Jun-15 18:24:57

I dunno wot to do
Does it leave obvious marks?

Pumpeedo Sun 07-Jun-15 18:30:27

Do you need Botox or filler or both? If the wrinkles are deep you'll need the filler which definitely smarts more than the Botox. Go for it but make share you choose a reputable professional. I'd recommend you find a dentist who does it - no one knows facial muscles better than dentists.

shockedballoon Sun 07-Jun-15 18:35:38

Ooo - I am possibly toying with that very idea as well. I,however, do have horizontal lines on my forehead. I'm not bothered about these, it's just the frowny ones.

Rest of my face is fine. I'm just a bit reticent as I'd always said I'd never fiddle with my face! I've no problem with 'age appropriate' (whatever you concieve that to be ) lines on my face, but the elevenses make me look a bit grumpy, which I'm absolutely not.

Pumpeedo Sun 07-Jun-15 18:49:38

Ooooo those bloody elevenses, I have those too. I think you'll need both but they need to be done a fortnight apart. Don't be shy to ask if you can get a discount for having both done.

QOD Sun 07-Jun-15 19:06:17


burnishedsilver Sun 07-Jun-15 19:22:28

Go for it. You won't regret it.

Greengardenpixie Sun 07-Jun-15 19:29:56

You look absolutely fine! Dont do it! Just get some creams with retinol or glycolic acid [ some active ingredient] Obviously the picture shows you frowning because of your eyebrows but if i did that, i would have similar!!!! but honestly, I think you look fine smile Plenty of 'plump' skin on your forhead imo and in a good way.

Itsalldramarama Sun 07-Jun-15 20:02:03

Agree with green garden smile acid toning and retinoids have made a big difference to my number 1 !! Have had botox in the past but wouldn't consider it now

Surfboredcat Sun 07-Jun-15 20:09:08

Marking my place.
I have a newly developed number 1 and I'm not sure whether to go down the Botox route or if there's something as effective.
Pixie and dramarama - which creams do you recommend? Mine is quite deep now.

daftyburd Sun 07-Jun-15 20:36:21

I have a 1 frown line and I got a fringe. Worked a treat.

Itsalldramarama Sun 07-Jun-15 20:47:46

Botox is the most effective but you do need the funds to keep it up ! Also it works best if both forehead and glabella ( no 1 or 11s ) treated at the same time due to the dynamics of the muscles
I found nip and fab glyclolic fix pads made a big difference in a short time ( some before and after pica on the amazing faces threads ) then I started la Roche possey redermic R on a night ( you must use sunscreen during the day ) have recently started with retin a
I would start with nip and fab pads and not try too much at once .
Check out the amazing faces threads smile hope this helps

Itsalldramarama Sun 07-Jun-15 20:48:56

I'd love a fringe ! But my hair is to curly !

QOD Sun 07-Jun-15 21:28:52

I have a fringe!

Itsalldramarama Mon 08-Jun-15 12:32:20

Just grow it a bit longer then wink! Cheaper than botox ;)

shockedballoon Mon 08-Jun-15 18:08:21

QOD - you look absolutely fine! My forehead skin looks much thinner and dryer - has an old chicken spot scar and acne scar as well as defined horizontal lines. I am most definitely not posting a pic tho - not brave enough!
I have a fringe, but it's not heavy enough to provide secure coverage. Will be looking into those glycolic pads for sure!

Fabulassie Mon 08-Jun-15 18:43:53

Do it. It works! Yes, it wears off in about 10 weeks, but slower after repeated rounds. Some women just get it twice a year. I get it as soon as I realise that I can scowl again.

QOD Mon 08-Jun-15 20:11:17

Well I Popped in boots today and came out £50 poorer ... decided to go for it eeeek and then use serum too

Will do an aftrr and during shot!

QOD Tue 09-Jun-15 17:14:55

Omg appointment tomorrow 9.3 am
Before pic ... not frowning

QOD Tue 09-Jun-15 17:16:41

Frowning (outing wink )

Itsalldramarama Tue 09-Jun-15 17:36:59

Ooo exciting smile you will get a great result as the line is not that deep when rested . Don't worry it barely hurts at all smile

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