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Shouldn't a 38 DD bra measure 38 ins on the band

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Dowser Sun 07-Jun-15 12:31:22

Am trying on my wedding bra. And it's tight on the slickest hooks. I measure 36 on the band.

The DD cups are a bit puckered on the top. I measure 41 around the fullest bit in said bra!

Just temeasured the band and I'm getting 34 now

marriednotdead Sun 07-Jun-15 12:55:34

The bra band is elasticated so it will measure shorter than the size on the label. It's hard to gauge with a tape measure whether or not a bra is too tight, as we all have some 'give' in our skin too.

The bra you have sounds as if you are finding it too tight, but a different one in the same size may be perfect!

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