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Zara perfumes

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sonata1 Sat 06-Jun-15 23:28:05

Wow..they certainly have a good few but which to get ? I tried one ...something like Black Orchid? it but didn't like it. I am looking for floral, powdery. Any one know about Zara perfumes?

treaclesoda Sat 06-Jun-15 23:34:23

I have got Zara Rose, the one that is a dupe for Dior J'Adore.

I love it, in fact I like it better than the Dior.

Zara perfume is great, I don't think I'll ever buy expensive perfume again.

thetropicmama7 Sun 07-Jun-15 22:46:49

Won't be much help as I normally go for fresh, citrusy scents but i was going to say that I love them too as almost every one of them remind me of designer perfumes. And at £12 a bottle, you can get about 4 bottles for the price of one designer one! smilesmile

petitchoupette Wed 10-Jun-15 08:47:13

Yes, I bought my first Zara fragrance yesterday, the 'fruity' Woman. Lasts well and impressed a fair selection of family, friends, etc.

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