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I expect my Philips Lumea IPL to just get on with it and not keep switching off!

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HappenstanceMarmite Sat 06-Jun-15 14:39:59

Hoping someone else has one of these and can advise. My new Lumea Compact is fine once it gets going. But When I start it up and try to reach the highest intensity level, it keeps shutting down. After several attempts it reached Level 5 and stays there without cutting out.

I need to know from a fellow owner if either:

A) I am doing something wrong (though I don't think so as I've read the manual and done online searches for similar issues) or

B) I have a faulty device or

C) this is just what the Lumea Compact does and I just have to live with it?


Kumiho Sat 06-Jun-15 15:34:23

Have you done a full charge? Mine goes for ages, I've never had it randomly turn off. Until the day I only charged it for about half an hour and it wasn't full, then it got temperamental on me.

HappenstanceMarmite Sat 06-Jun-15 16:24:40

It is the mains Lumea, not rechargeable Kumiho. But thanks for answering smile

So mine goes on uninterrupted once it gets going. It is starting it AND moving the button/lit dial thing up to full power that makes it cut out. I do it several times where it keeps cutting out as I try to increase the strength to 5, until it eventually lets me get there without cutting out. Once it's there, it stays on. Weird and frustrating.

OliveCane Sat 06-Jun-15 16:29:27

Sorry don't have an answer to your question. However may I ask why you bought the lumea compact and not the normal one?

HappenstanceMarmite Sat 06-Jun-15 18:39:18

Price mainly OliveCane. The Compact was £200 vs £350 for the bigger device. However I do think it is a benefit that it is mains and not recharchable as I've read that the charge doesn't last long enough to do more than about 40 minutes. Are you thinking of getting one?

YetAnotherBeckyMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 07-Jun-15 11:10:34

Hello there

We are going to move this to Style and Beauty shortly at the OP's request.


HappenstanceMarmite Sun 07-Jun-15 12:03:28

Thanks Becky smile

OliveCane Sun 07-Jun-15 20:43:07

Happen, yes I am thinking of buying one and not sure which one to go for ...

HappenstanceMarmite Sun 07-Jun-15 21:08:54

Well I do like the Compact. Except for this one issue as described.

HappenstanceMarmite Mon 08-Jun-15 19:37:03

Quick update:. I called the Helpline (thanks to a PP pointing out there was such a thing) and chap said it shouldn't do that. Taking it back to Boots for an exchange.

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