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Personal shopper - Manchester

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DichotoMous Fri 05-Jun-15 20:34:39

OK, so I need some advice. I am thinking of treating myself to a personal shopper/wardrobe overhaul for my 30th birthday in summer. I have a 9 month old baby and when I cleared out my wardrobe before going back to work this month I realised I need a revamp.

I usually buy my clothes from cheap high street places except 'staples' such as shoes and coats. I realise I probably need to increase my budget significantly in order to have the sort of wardrobe I aspire to. However, I don't have a massive amount of money to spend.

I'd like to try a personal shopper and get some classic capsule pieces that can be easily updated. Manchester is my nearest shopping place (city centre or Trafford Centre). I like the idea of the John Lewis style consulation service but will my £500 go very far there (I think that would be my absolute maximum budget, and even then I would be wincing a bit)?

Has anyone tried the personal shopping service in John Lewis recently? Or Debenhams? Or can anyone recommend an independent person?

Thanks in advance... smile

chicaguapa Fri 05-Jun-15 20:40:31

I can recommend the personal shopper service at Debenhams in the Trafford Centre. I've done it at the city centre one but prefer the Trafford Centre store.

I think you can get a bit more for your money there than JL because they have Oasis, Warehouse but also Red Herring and some nice capsule bits from Principles.

You just give them your budget and they'll shop accordingly.

I did exactly the same as you for the same reasons and it was everything I wanted it to be. There's no pressure to buy and it's really easy going.

DichotoMous Fri 05-Jun-15 21:17:36

Thanks for the info chicaguapa. What was your budget, if you don't mind me asking, and what sort of clothes did you end up with?

Gumnast2014 Sat 06-Jun-15 06:21:34

There is a shop off king street called laundry which styles me beautifully every 6 months reasonable too

chicaguapa Sat 06-Jun-15 09:11:50

£500 would have been about right but I've been quite a few times and have spent less. I got a number of outfits for that that all mixed and matched. I can't remember if I got any shoes.

I wasn't working then so it was casual clothes, but jeans and tops with some accessories like necklaces and scarves. Definitely things I wouldn't have picked up off the hanger or would have put together, but really suited me.

The jeans were a revelation because I'd been struggling to find a pair that suited my post baby shape.

I've been back for a wedding outfit and a wardrobe update when the seasons change. I don't live near Manchester now and the Debenhams near me is rubbish so I've not done it for a while (and it shows in my wardrobe).

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