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Would anyone help me find a wardrobe for a trip to Paris

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catgirl1976 Fri 05-Jun-15 19:23:37

DH and I are going to Paris for 4 nights. I can't wait but I have nothing to wear and no clue where to start.

I'd like to look nice but be comfy whilst seeing the sights and have a dress or two to wear for nights out and restaurants in the evening.

We are going in July so it will be hot

Trouble is I hate my body atm. I've started a diet so might lose a bit of weight but I'm 5ft 7 and 12 stone 5. So a size 14 (I think I might be a 16 now but I can't face it)

My problem areas are my upper arms, tummy and I have a big bum

I'm thinking tea dresses, ballet pumps, cropped trousers and nice tops for sight seeing and then some nice dressy outfits for the evening. But everything on line is body ocn, or cut out and I have NO clue.

I don't tend to go for bright colours though I don't mind green, red, and some blue. I like blacks, greys etc but it will be summer.

I am pale with (dyed) red hair.

I love 50s styles.

Can anyone help - I would be OS greatful

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