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Hair disaster (with photo) - how to rescue?

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Jennifersrabbit Fri 05-Jun-15 18:02:18

Hi there

After much appreciated advice on here I decided the waist length hair had to go. For long and complicated reasons the plait was lopped off at the hairdressers today but it's getting styled next week.
What I asked for was a length that would allow a long bob, just past the shoulders. What I've got is it all lopped off at chin level, wild, thick and wavy.

Now what? Go shorter and get the straighteners out? Or grit teeth and grow it longer for the planned long bob?


Nevergoingtolearn Fri 05-Jun-15 18:07:12

I have similar hair and struggle to do anything with it, I either have it long and tied up or cut really short, sorry I'm not much help smile.

Bunbaker Fri 05-Jun-15 18:07:22

I can't really comment as it is unusual to just get get your hair lopped off without it being styled at the same time. Could you wait until it is styled before you panic?

ChannelingFlop Fri 05-Jun-15 18:08:52

Hi, it honestly doesn't look at all bad to me- nice and wavy. Just wait until it is styled. Honestly, I think it looks lovely

Mrsfrumble Fri 05-Jun-15 18:09:44

I would grit teeth and grow. It looks fine to me, could use a little shaping but it's not drastically too short.

Were you by any chance donating the chopped off plait to a wig charity, if you don't mind me asking?

Weebirdie Fri 05-Jun-15 18:11:16

I think its will go from looking nice to looking lovely when you've had it styled next week.

Honestly smile

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Fri 05-Jun-15 18:12:06

The wavy, mid-length 'lob' is very in at the moment, so you're accidentally on trend. Go you.

honeysuckleclimber Fri 05-Jun-15 18:12:31

It looks nice, so thick and lovely waves, once it's been styled it'll be fab so don't panic.

CheeseBored Fri 05-Jun-15 18:12:51

I really like it! (Looks like mine grin)

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Fri 05-Jun-15 18:13:12

That is shoulder length, not chin (unless you are Jimmy Hill).

trappedinsuburbia Fri 05-Jun-15 18:14:29

I think if you straighten it just now it will reach your shoulders, dont panic it will grow.

LadyPenny Fri 05-Jun-15 18:14:54

I think it looks fine. Could you spritz with salt spray and scrunch dry to give it more waves.

TheAwfulDaughter Fri 05-Jun-15 18:17:18

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

WipsGlitter Fri 05-Jun-15 18:17:27

I think it looks good. You might want to rethink your foundation though. It's a bit orange!!

Pippidoeswhatshewants Fri 05-Jun-15 18:18:13

I, too, think it looks quite nice already. It will look really good once it's styled - with that cool wavy curl that I would kill for!

MrsBungle Fri 05-Jun-15 18:21:04

I think it's nice. You could also straighten it for a different look.

AWimbaWay Fri 05-Jun-15 18:30:34

I had very similar to your photo done on purpose last week, so obviously I think it looks good! This is what I asked for, but my hair is naturally a bit more like yours:

Twinklestein Fri 05-Jun-15 18:30:59

It's fine you just need some layers in it to tame the shape.

If you want it neater & straighter you could get Brazilian keratin hair treatment:

Before and After

Jennifersrabbit Fri 05-Jun-15 18:31:29

It depends where I'm sitting! The idea was past my shoulders so it is considerably shorter than planned. Thanks for all the positive comments though.

I will feel better when it's styled. Weird thing is it is a temporary carbon copy of my mums hair. From DHs point of view it is a bit alarming to see your MIL walking in the door (however fond you are of her) grin

I think styling will help a lot, will not despair! And yes, the plait is going to the Little Princess charity.

AWimbaWay Fri 05-Jun-15 18:31:46

Oh and one word of advice - serum!

ThreeQuartersEmpty Fri 05-Jun-15 18:33:23

I think you have a long bob there, and it looks nice already.
Don't panic, it's just because it looks so different to you.

Amserhaf Sat 06-Jun-15 00:10:10

I love it. I would love your hair just as it is there.

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