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Are cropped trousers frumpy when you're 48?

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chocdrop Fri 05-Jun-15 08:46:34

My teenage girls think that cropped trousers are the uniform of the middle-aged. Are they right?

Sammasati Fri 05-Jun-15 08:49:01

I don't think so, plenty of younguns wear cropped trousers, usually of the cargo variety.

Buttwing Fri 05-Jun-15 09:00:32

I think cropped as in half way up your calf yes.

But a couple of inches above ankle definitely not very fashionable at the mo.

But if like them shorter go for it smile

Nettletheelf Fri 05-Jun-15 09:01:30

Er, yes, they are right. Only the baggy, creased cargo type, though. BHS have tons of them...that should tell you something.

Magicalmrmistofeles Fri 05-Jun-15 09:01:44

If they are wide leg linen then yes!

Trumpton Fri 05-Jun-15 09:07:58

Cropped like this ?

WipsGlitter Fri 05-Jun-15 09:10:04

Agreed the mid-calf ones are a bit dated (and as for men wearing them... shocking). I have some boden bistro crops and like them or 7/8 trousers.

museumum Fri 05-Jun-15 09:12:05

Fitted like chinos is fine I think.
Flappy then no way unless you're travelling in a very very hot country (I wore them in India and they were a godsend).

chocdrop Fri 05-Jun-15 09:17:51

Ok, so I should look for some non-flappy ones, that end mid-calf (and avoid BhS)?

chocdrop Fri 05-Jun-15 09:22:03

Whoops - think I read the comments wrong - I should avoid mid-calf???

Nettletheelf Fri 05-Jun-15 09:31:49

Avoid mid-calf, cargo and linen styles. Fitted cropped trousers aren't frumpy.

chocdrop Fri 05-Jun-15 09:37:20

Thank you Nettletheelf

DelphiniumBlue Sat 06-Jun-15 23:01:35

Possibly depends on what you're wearing with them - definitely not trainers. Also not for the short legged imho.
Having said that, I have just bought some cropped jeans which I will wear with flipflops, but probably not anywhere I want to impress!

CointreauVersial Sat 06-Jun-15 23:07:18

7/8 length is fine.

My teenage girls refuse to believe in the 70s revival (flares, suede skirts etc), and think that leggings and crop tops are the height of fashion. They're not always right.

mumofthemonsters808 Sat 06-Jun-15 23:13:44

I don't think so, I think with the right fit they can look stylish, being tall I struggle to get the correct length a lot of them are way too short. It is also important to get your footwear right to avoid looking too frumpy. I've also just bought some cropped jeans which are perfect for this cold summer.

HarrietSchulenberg Sat 06-Jun-15 23:15:52

I would say it depends on whether they suit you and how you wear them.
If you like them you feel confident, and if you feel confident you look great.

SwedishEdith Sat 06-Jun-15 23:18:17

[ This is not frumpy, however]]

SwedishEdith Sat 06-Jun-15 23:19:02


LoveandPeaceGonk Sat 06-Jun-15 23:21:45

But they are a good way of staying cooler in hot weather whilst covering up milk bottle legs.

queenbrunhilda Sat 06-Jun-15 23:25:57

Agree - avoid anything beige, baggy and linen, especially if it has an elasticated waist.

Think 7/8ths are pretty classic.

Greengardenpixie Sat 06-Jun-15 23:27:46

Well i like mine:

Im 47!

burnishedsilver Sat 06-Jun-15 23:43:34


QueenQueenie Sat 06-Jun-15 23:45:01

Yes. They are. (Only read op)...

stripytees Sun 07-Jun-15 07:54:45

My mum practically lives in them every summer and she's 71. Just saying...

I like Boden Bistro crops and similar, but they end a couple of inches above the ankle on me. I think the tapered look ones are more chic anyway compared to straight or wide.

RudyMentary Sun 07-Jun-15 08:23:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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