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Sick of the Breton Top!

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Penguinsaresmall Thu 04-Jun-15 14:15:50

Is it just me?

I used to love mine - I've worn them for years, they go with everything, always make me look smart even when I CBA....

But now they're everywhere. I went shopping - to Aldi - this morning and saw another FIVE women in there wearing one. And I know I'm being judgy, but none of them were wearing them in the right way (yes slap me!).

It's putting me right of wearing mine now. Why are they suddenly so 'in'? confused

Penguinsaresmall Thu 04-Jun-15 14:16:20

Right 'off', even....

Bananahead1 Thu 04-Jun-15 14:29:30

Yes I know what you mean. I guess because they are so easy to wear everybody's wearing them.

Jemimapuddleduk Thu 04-Jun-15 14:55:51

What's the right way to wear them? I love my Breton tops and dresses.

MadameJulienBaptiste Thu 04-Jun-15 15:00:47

What is 'the right way'? Are they wearing them inside out? Back to front ??

I wear mine by putting my arms and head through the correct holes and pulling it down over my torso grin

Melonfool Thu 04-Jun-15 15:01:36

Oh, I just bought one for the first time ever.

I didn't know there was a right way to wear it, it didn't come with instructions, but I just went for the head through the large hole, arms through the log thin ones and label at the back method. Is this wrong?

InQuiteAPickle Thu 04-Jun-15 15:04:09

Where do you live? I haven't seen any! grin

I suppose it's quite a summery look, isn't it, so that's why there are a lot around now?

I do like a nice Breton.

NotInGuatemalaNowDrRopata Thu 04-Jun-15 15:09:55

Please tell me the right way so I can look outfit Breton wearers and judge!

NotInGuatemalaNowDrRopata Thu 04-Jun-15 15:10:16

*out for

CardigansForWinners Thu 04-Jun-15 15:10:27

Ooh I love a Breton top me. Anyone recommend any particularly nice ones they've found? Am particularly fat of arm (actually fat of everywheregrin) so I need reasonably firm material, not clingy.
<blatantly hijacks thread>

Annarose2014 Thu 04-Jun-15 15:12:31

I have to confess to holding off buying any this year. They're so everywhere at the moment I have a sneaking suspicion that in about five minutes the trend will be over, "classic" or not!

Haven't a clue what will replace them though. I think the reason they were popular is because you can get them quite wide in the waist so you look chic whilst hiding your tum. Not sure what other tops do the same.

Annarose2014 Thu 04-Jun-15 15:13:51

Cardigan the Joules one is really well loved on here. I had a cool one in my shopping basket recently with different coloured sleeves but chickened out at the last minute.

Melonfool Thu 04-Jun-15 15:13:54

Well, no idea if mine is 'particularly nice' but it is by Seasalt, from John Lewis, and I like it, even if I don't know how to wear it.

Jemimapuddleduk Thu 04-Jun-15 15:18:20

I have a Boden short sleeved longer length top, 2 long sleeved Breton tunics (cream and raspberry and navy/white) and 2 sleeveless Boden tunics (white/red and white/navy). Have gone Boden Breton crazy as I am feeling conscious of post baby tummy and the tunics and longer t are v flattering and tunics go with leggings. Not bothered if they go out of trend I love them and they look lovely and summery.

Jemimapuddleduk Thu 04-Jun-15 15:19:58

Cardigans - the Boden tunic ones are a lovely thick Jersey. The t short is thin though.

PassTheCremeEggs Thu 04-Jun-15 15:20:14

This is brilliant. I've never been so confused by anything on MN - what is the "right" way to wear a top??! I'm wearing a Breton top as we speak and am cringing I might have done the nursery run wearing it the wrong way...

MadameJulienBaptiste Thu 04-Jun-15 15:22:03

Still waiting to hear what the right way to wear one is.....

Bought mine from zara. It was obvious even last year that they are a trend that will pass.

Icandoitbymyself Thu 04-Jun-15 15:29:54

Yes I'm sick of them too although I just bought a couple in different colours and they do suit me. But breton tops out me as a MN S&b follower mum on the school run grin.

burnishedsilver Thu 04-Jun-15 15:29:54

I'm going out on a limb here but I'm going to say that this is the wrong way to wear a breton while shopping in Ali.

burnishedsilver Thu 04-Jun-15 15:31:04

Aldi, not Ali.

MadameJulienBaptiste Thu 04-Jun-15 15:32:54

I am wearing a sort of breton striped sleeveless linen shirt dress. (Tis gorgeous).
is that wrong? Shoot me now.

Melonfool Thu 04-Jun-15 15:33:37

Maybe I only wear mine in the right way for Waitrose...?

clumberpark Thu 04-Jun-15 15:40:15

I have Breton tops I bought at Lidl...

seaoflove Thu 04-Jun-15 15:44:12

I'd love to hear about the wrong way to wear a Breton top too!

I'd disagree that they've become popular recently though. When I lived near Wimbledon several years ago, a Breton top, skinny jeans and ballet flats was the yummy mummy uniform outfit - they were everywhere.

AmberNectarine Thu 04-Jun-15 15:54:03

Yep I live in Wimbledon and can confirm that this is the standard uniform and has been since time immemorial.

I am wearing a cropped, short sleeved Breton with a high waisted maxi skirt so I can show off my newly acquired abs. I suspect this is not the correct way to wear one.

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