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Hair cut - Market or salon?

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cjt110 Thu 04-Jun-15 09:50:40

I am gonna get my hair restyled and I'm stuck between getting it done at the market where I usually go (talking £6 for a dry cut restyle) or go to a salon and have it done properly. I want to treat myself but I also cant justify spending so much money (approx. £30) on getting my hair done when I can get it done so much cheaper! HELP!

lucysmam Thu 04-Jun-15 10:12:41

I go to a walk in salon that charges £6.50. Just make sure I part where I want it & straighten beforehand and take a decent photo of what I want if it's got so unruly that it looks nothing like a style iyswim.

They usually wet it a bit with a spray anyway where I go.

But, then again, a 'proper' haircut at a proper salon would be a nice treat if you can afford it smile

PinkSparklyPussyCat Thu 04-Jun-15 10:15:01

If you're having a complete restyle I'd go to a salon, even if it's just the once.

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