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Teeth Whitening

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Dolphin8 Wed 03-Jun-15 22:38:02

Has anyone had their teeth whitened with gel and trays from a dentist?
I'm due to have mine done and have been told the only adverse adverse effect likely is sensitivity. Any experience anyone?

Jewels234 Wed 03-Jun-15 23:10:03

I'm just about to start mine. I've been told that sensitivity depends on the person. I've never has sensitive teeth so I'm hoping it's going to be ok. Also, it should be fairly short lived if there is any sensitivity.

I'm doing the one over two weeks, which I think is gentler on teeth. And the molds are soft (apparently they sometimes use hard ones which would be horrendous to sleep in). I've also been told that they go whiter at different rates, so for the first few days they will be slightly different colours.

Will report back about how it went in a couple of weeks!

Oh, and finally, I'm paying £230 for it.

EuphemiaCoxton Thu 04-Jun-15 11:29:15

Done it at the dentists years ago. It did increase sensitivity but only temporarily.

Dowser Thu 04-Jun-15 12:37:55

Yes and I think it's brilliant. I do get sensitivity though.

Jaimemmers34 Thu 04-Jun-15 19:58:09

I usually don't jump on such teeth whitening claims, but the gel isn't new. I caved, and I bought a $20 worth of whitening gel (the only one they had, actually) at my local Vitamin Shoppe. 45+ minutes of application, and super sore gums later, I had zero results. My boyfriend was excited about it, until he saw that it was the same yellowing around the gums, on my teeth, as before I got "Zombie Mouth." I can admit that my teeth got the soreness of a lifetime, but for set in coffee/smoking/haven't seen a dentist in a decade because of no insurance, stains, you may not get any results at all.
Also, for others who haven't tried it yet, don't apply as much gel as I did, or nearly as long as I did. I don't think the gel hurt my gums, but my disappointment and determination to get "instant" results as advertised, hurt my gums. I would advertise that "Results May Vary," this doesn't have instant white choppers for everyone. I'm willing to make it a weekly habit, to see how long it will take for any results, but so far, its been used twice, and I haven't seen a whiter difference from before "Zombie Mouth" to after. I've had recent success due to a review I came across with simple home remedies that has given me results I am extremely happy with, you can read the review here

Sorry to be an Eeyore, but there's a reason I declare red flags on phrases used with stuff like these gel for example "instant results!" =/

Dolphin8 Thu 04-Jun-15 21:19:08

Thanks for all the feed back. I'm using the gel for Carbamide Peroxide 10% gel from the dentist with the soft moulds. My dentist, who is super vigilant about my teeth (as I already have quite a lot of fruit acid erosion) has reassured me it's safe and she tells me not to do a lot of other things with my teeth.

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