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Help me find my wedding dress, please!

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MsDragons Wed 03-Jun-15 22:21:08

I am getting married smile In 8 weeks smile and I don't have a dress yet.

It's a small registry office do and we're just going to the pub afterwards, so I don't want a "wedding dress" dress, I just want a nice dress that will flatter me and make me look reasonably good for my wedding. So you can probably think of dresses that most people would wear as wedding guests.

So, I'm 5'9", size 16/18 (loosing weight currently so hoping to be a proper size 16 by then, rather than between sizes), I'm an apple shape with big boobs and a big belly but I quite like my legs, my arms are ok and I'm happy to show a bit of cleavage but will need to be able to wear a supportive bra so not too much. I spend most of my life wearing jeans and tshirts, or for work I wear trousers and smart tops, so I have no idea what style of dress is going to suit me. I do know I like bold colours, rather than pale, and I've been told I suit blues and greens.

I am open to any and all suggestions, I just need some ideas to get me started.

petitdonkey Wed 03-Jun-15 22:38:29

Oooh - congratulations!!!!

What is your budget? (before I get carried away)
Definitely no white??

petitdonkey Wed 03-Jun-15 22:39:11

Long, midi ar knee length?

petitdonkey Wed 03-Jun-15 22:41:10

very Vivienne Westwood but maybe a bad colour

petitdonkey Wed 03-Jun-15 22:42:21

white but not bridal

petitdonkey Wed 03-Jun-15 22:43:37

not in stock but could be worth a 'phone around

MsDragons Wed 03-Jun-15 22:46:07

Budget isn't huge, under £100 if possible. I don't think I've ever owned a dress that cost more than £40 in the past, so even £100 seems very extravagant to me.

Knowing me, white will look grubby before we even get to the registry office (I'm not known for being tidy blush)

Knee length I think.

petitdonkey Wed 03-Jun-15 22:47:45

too beige?

MsDragons Wed 03-Jun-15 22:47:46

Thanks for replying by the way, I'm glad anyone is interested in finding me a dress.

I do like the look of that last one.

5madthings Wed 03-Jun-15 22:48:05

What style do you like? I got married last week and wore a 50's style dress. Notonthehighstreet sell them, also lindybop dp some nice ones.

Thete was a nice one by phase eight I found as well.

I needed boob support as well so had mine made by honeypieboutique.Co.UK but they sell off the peg ones as well.

petitdonkey Wed 03-Jun-15 22:49:29

would be super flattering but is it too bright?

CloserToFiftyThanTwenty Wed 03-Jun-15 22:49:48

This is pretty

5madthings Wed 03-Jun-15 22:50:16

I had a petticoat made to match my shoes as well, was £230 for dress and petticoat made to measure for me which I think is good value.

CloserToFiftyThanTwenty Wed 03-Jun-15 22:50:38

Very Grace Kelly

petitdonkey Wed 03-Jun-15 22:51:30

if you are happier in trousers, this could be super stylish

MsDragons Wed 03-Jun-15 22:51:44

I think I like 50's style dresses, I'll have a look on those sites.

I genuinely don't know what suits me, so trying to buy a dress without trying it on is a nightmare, BUT I don't have a lot of time to go out and try dresses on, especially since there just aren't that many clothes shops near me.

Pantsalive Wed 03-Jun-15 22:52:12

This is fabulously green.

5madthings Wed 03-Jun-15 22:52:13

Lindy Bop and Elsie's Attic styles are nice and we'll within your budget.

CloserToFiftyThanTwenty Wed 03-Jun-15 22:52:27


MsDragons Wed 03-Jun-15 22:52:35

5madthings - that is a really lovely dress. I hope you had a lovely day.

petitdonkey Wed 03-Jun-15 22:52:46

the bride wore red!! I love this and can recommend a fab strapless bra

Nancery Wed 03-Jun-15 22:54:49

5Madthings love your dress! And REALLY love the shoes!

CloserToFiftyThanTwenty Wed 03-Jun-15 22:55:06

Too bright?

Can you order lots of things on a credit card and then send back what you don't choose? Eg John Lewis have a good returns policy

MsDragons Wed 03-Jun-15 22:55:48

Pantsalive - I love that green dress!

I'm now loving loads of dresses on the Lindy Bop site.

5madthings Wed 03-Jun-15 22:55:51

I had an amazing day, thankyou. Small registry office wedding followed by pizza express for lunch! Very relaxed and informal which is what we wanted smile

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