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How does it work on beauty counters with commission

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DosDuchas Wed 03-Jun-15 22:14:38

If the seller is away on a break and someone from a different brand gets you what you need?
Plus do people always help each other out? Do certain brands under the sand umbrella only do that?

DosDuchas Thu 04-Jun-15 11:12:19


Aquamarine70 Sat 06-Jun-15 06:49:56

I worked in a dept store & never got commission if I sold another brand.
My last job if we sold & another girl had recommended the products we had our own till code & it had to be put through on that so you either gained or lost the commission.

DosDuchas Sat 06-Jun-15 11:40:34


TeresaGuidice Sat 06-Jun-15 13:02:52

It depends on the store. Smaller stores will usually have to help out as they can't justify the staff . It wouldn't be do do with the parent company, more physical proximity. I worked for MAC for 12 years in a huge department store and we had at least 7 staff on as a bare minimum and covered our own breaks. Was horrified when I went to other stores and people from other counters had to cover. So you rush there in your lunch hour specially to ask questions about a specific MAC foundation and end up getting someone over from Benefit to just get it out a drawer for you?! Awful customer service IMHO but some counters are deemed to quiet to have enough staff on too cover breaks on quiet days, so are happy to let others step in as necessary.

TeresaGuidice Sat 06-Jun-15 13:04:21

And sorry yes to answer your original question, you would lose the commission.

DosDuchas Sat 06-Jun-15 13:37:17

yes this was one of those - smaller store, no cover

Bit shit that they lose the commission tough

Saurus72 Sat 06-Jun-15 14:06:45

The commission model is interesting. I went to the Clarins counter at Boots yesterday, selected my own products from the shelves and the assistant just got my free gift out of the cupboard. She wasn't bad, but she played absolutely zero part in what I bought.

TeresaGuidice Sat 06-Jun-15 15:15:49

Yes that's slightly annoying re Clarins when she had no input.
However the flip side is the times you spend half an hour with someone only for them to walk away..coming back another day to purchase and someone else gets the sale!
So I guess it evens out in the end.
We didn't have commission at my company but all sales were logged and you had to do your share.

DosDuchas Sat 06-Jun-15 17:14:30

i dont think they do get commission in John Lewis, apart from Mac who seem to have negotiated some deal

TeresaGuidice Sat 06-Jun-15 17:24:39

You are employed by your own cosmetic company rather than the store so doesn't matter if it's John Lewis Debenhams etc regarding commission. John Lewis store staff are shareholders and get lots of great benefits. Their canteen is fabulous compared to house of Fraser etc. I loved getting sent to John Lewis!

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